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  1. Hello dear community, I'm new here and have registered because I'm well on my way to plunging into the Fuji universe I wan't to buy the Fuji X-T3, and I have yet to decide which lens to go with. I mainly shoot photos, but I want to dive more into the video direction (that is one of the reasons I decided to go with Fuji, coming from a Canon DSLR...) I love to bring my camera with me on holidays, and this is one of the main applications where I want to shoot video. In order to get shake-free videos, I wanted to decide about a lens which can do both: lovely pictures, good video, goes great with my travel habits... I've come up with these four main demands: The lens... 1. has to cover at least the typical focal length range 18-55mm (APS-C of course). 2. should have as wide an aperture as possible, so that I am flexibly equipped for portraits and low light situations, preferably 2.8 and preferably over the entire focal length. 3. must have the abbreviation WR, otherwise it is difficult for me to reconcile it with my travel habits. 4. should have OIS. And that's where it gets really thin for the Fuji mount. The XF 16-55 F2.8 would be perfect for the first three points, but it lacks OIS. And the "kit" XF 18-55 (I've heard so many good things about it) lacks weather resistance. But the speed is still better than the third option, the XF 16-80 F4.0. Now I'm wondering whether I should just go for the 16-55 and do without the stabilisation because of the other things that match my preferences, but: I have big concerns about handheld videos shot with the X-T3. Should I therefore rather buy an X-T4? Since my desired lens is already of the more expensive variety, I'm in a tight spot. So my questions are: Which lens should I go with? Or should I rather get another camera body, the X-T4? Please excuse any beginner's mistakes, I'm also still quite inexperienced overall (18 years old), although I've had an affinity for photography for over 10 years. And since at my age such an amount of money has to be saved up first, it's quite a big decision now :) Many thanks in advance, best regards!
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