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  1. Shashinka Ichiban

    Fuji IR

    X100i Full IR converted
  2. Shashinka Ichiban

    Fuji IR

    X100i full IR Conversion
  3. I've really been considering this lens, but wondered overall how images would look. I would imagine distortion starts to really kick in seeing how that's getting in to the Fisheye territory. I remember how my 20mm Nikkor use to really warp around the edges. Still really considering the 12mm Rokkinon.
  4. Impossible, they can't do that until they get the issue with the retractable door handles fixed first
  5. Zone focus eliminates the whole slow focus issue with the 18. While, I'm sure there are many out there who do street with shallow DoF, the majority, I have ever known or work with prefer to go the other way with deep DoF.
  6. Well, it's about damn time. I think there's been a lot of speculation to this for a VERY long time on FR. I think a good portion of us would likely buy the a Fuji MFC if it were available.
  7. Another X-Pro vote. But then again I shoot street most of the time so its just a preference to that form factor; plus I prefer having an OVF, though I'm, slowly warming up to EVF.
  8. Kind of funny, the building is called Tokyo Midtown, yet located in Roppogi. Short ride from Ueno, Been meaning to visit it for a while, but more for the Goji-san than anything else.
  9. Fresh from Japan, a brand new XM-FL body cap lens. Came from Yodabashi Camera and was ¥8000. I hadn't much time to play with it due to my work schedule. (The lens has been sitting unboxed on my desk for three days) I took only 36 shots, one in each of the three modes; clear filter, starburst and soft focus. Being close to sunset, after heavy thunderstorms we've had here in the DC area today, the starburst really look just like, and soft focus, well.... I'll let you judge. Posted for your bewilderment, three shots, SOOC JPEG (cause, I'm under work deadlines for the paper and don't have time to eff with Fuji's crazy RAF format at the moment). All images came from an X-Pro1, and in the same order as the lens's filters, clear, starburst and soft focus. Will try to post a formal review complete with RAF files when or rather if time permits. EDIT: Images are apparently too large to upload, and require resizing.
  10. Haven't had to use my X-series for sports at work, though Japanese co-worker and friend (also goes by Shashinka) uses his all the time for sports. But, I think he is zone focusing his.
  11. I sorta think that ship sailed when the X-S1 was out out to pasture.
  12. Anyone? Let's see some pix. I wish I could, but I'm not on sports beat, and if I was I doubt my rigs would let me do that work!
  13. Damn, I can add polls, and here I was about to poll when to expect to see an X40? So, rather than do that with this thread, how about we play the guesing game. When should we, if we, expect to see the X40?
  14. Just buy a second X-Pro1. Then you have two cameras that operate and perform the exact same way.
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