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  1. Thank you! Somewhere in the battery removals I was able to get it unstuck. (I would not have been able to factory reset because I would need to get to the menu . . . which I was not able to get to.) Thank you for your help!
  2. I am not trying to pair. I even deleted the app. It’s just in that mode when I turn the power on and there is no way out. There are no buttons that allow me to navigate. Just the “ok” which gets me stuck in a loop. I’ve tried inserting different batteries and still same. Stuck.
  3. My Fuji XT3 started up with "Pair with Smartphone." I do not have the app. I have never paired it before. It does not allow me to move past this in any way. I have removed the battery. I have put in new batteries. I have tried to update firmware, but I can't get past this screen. HELP!
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