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  1. UPDATE: Just got the camera back from Fuji. Repair information indicates the problem was the shutter failed. Shutter unit replaced under warranty. Camera was also cleaned. Fuji had the camera for 13 days. I did call the repair center during the repair for an update. Overall very satisfied with the repair and the tech I called. Just wish the camera had not had the failure. Fuji supported as advertised. Mike
  2. RM, Yes I did. Tried a variety of ways. The battery and contacts all appear fine. It doesn't appear that it is a contact or battery fit issue. Did try manually tripping the door switch. Again, with battery in it shuts down. No battery no issues. It is when the door switch makes contact while the battery is in that the problem occurs. If the belief that the door switch is when the camera sees that there is a battery in the grip, then it does see the battery yet it doesn't like it (either a short or other electrical issue). when no battery is in the grip and the door switch closes, it allows everything else to work. Can't believe all my batteries would have the same issue. So I believe it is something with the the moment that the camera knows that the is a battery available in the grip. Short? Software? diode? Mike
  3. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions guys, I am all the way to this point already. The camera functions with the grip attached without a battery installed (shutter,AF-L,F.A.,AE-L). Door shut or open. With the battery installed and the door shuts, off it turns the display and nothing functions on the camera or grip. What I can't determine at this point is there a short/failure inside the grip or is it something in the camera. I don't have another grip to try. My analytical mind just wants to know what failed. At this point it seems like I'll have to send both to Fuji to have them tell me. Since it is functioning without the battery in the grip and My X-T2 is already back at Fuji under warranty for a shutter failure, I'll have to get by. I am going to send an e-mail to Fuji to see if they have any suggestions. Thanks Again, Mike
  4. mikEm13 and RM,Thanks for responding. I have tried all eight of my batteries and have looked at and cleaned the contacts. I have discovered that the grip works just find without a battery in it and actually works with a battery in the grip if I don't close the grip door. With the door open the camera does not register/display the battery in the display. The is a dean-man switch in the grip door that appears fine and that is the switch that once closed, it turns off the camera. I have also re-loaded the firmware without any change in results. If I knew if the problem was in the camera or in the grip at least I'd have a chance on knowing where to go next. I'll see if I can talk to someone at Fuji USA tomorrow. Was hoping someone may have been down this road ahead of me. Mike
  5. Have had my X-T1 with a vertical grip for years. Went to use it the other day and the camera will not turn on if the grip is attached. Thought that maybe the batteries died and changes all with fresh. Still wouldn't turn on. In attempting to resolve I found that with the grip off the camera it turns on and everything functions fine. Ass soon as the grip is attached the camera goes dead. Further attempts to determine what is happening discovered that if there is no battery in the grip the camera functions. If there is a battery in the grip it will not. Has anyone run into this? Mike
  6. Thanks for the feedback all. The issue happens with various lenses or even no lens. With and without the battery grip attached and if attached locked or not. At this point I'm in agreement with Tom that it most likely is a part failure and it will be on the way to New Jersey. I hate the fact that I will be without it for a spell, yet need to get it back to functional. We will find out what Fuji finds. Thanks Again Mike
  7. OK, Has anyone experienced this. Today I was doing some shots and got an error to turn camera off and turn on again. Now the shutter starts ot turn on and runs for 3 to 5 trips and the error returns. Pull all batteries out and tried again. And it continues. Shutter begins to trip at start. Checked the shutter release. All appears fine. Tried with and without battery grip. With and without a lens. Tried various S,C,M, focus selections, All the various drive options. Still can't get it to stop doing it. Even did the firmware 1.10 install again. Nothing resolved it. Hoping someone ran into this and knows a solution (other than sending back to the factory) Mike
  8. Need some help wading thru all the talk on tethering my X-T2. Looking to get hooked up. I don't have any previous Fuji/Adobe software for my PC. I did not get the HS-V5 for Windows previously. I want to get to the live view on the PC with camera controls. What is the way to get there from scratch and with the least amount of headache? Mike
  9. Finally have found a solution. Been trying off and on since I acquired my X-T2 to get the remote app to function. It had allowed file transfer yet when attempting to use the remote control of the camera it would take the first image and then sort of lock up. Tried all the on-off and reset combinations as well as some settings variations with absolutely no luck. After the updated firmware and the updated app I was hoping to have it fixed. Nope. Same as before. being stubborn, I sat down for a few hours straight and had a momentary success with the remote control functionality working. After a turn on and turn off it went away. Spent another hour. Well, I had done some reflecting on how I got to it and it hit me. So, here is what happened to me and how I wasted a lot of time. The key is the display. I have the back display set for info only. Never use it to display the live view. Use it for only when I want to see an image I've taken. If you have the camera set to have the back display to shown only the info screen and launch the WiFi connection it will not allow for remote activation other than the 1 first image. When I set the back display to the current image/live view and then launch the WiFi connection it works flawlessly. My X-T1 doesn't have this issue, yet the X-T2 wont function with the remote app unless the back display is set to display the current view prior to connecting WiFi. Hope this will help someone else if they want to use the app to do remote triggering. Mike
  10. So, if one has not yet purchased the CD Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 for Windows, where would I go to purchase it?
  11. Thanks Again. Did just take off WB from the function Button. As it was set to the selector button it must have been how it got changed. I do like to turn the camera off when I don't expect to take more images, yet it doesn't always happen . More so to save battery life. It took me a while to figure some of the alternate actions on some of the items. The one that had me fooled for some time is that the rear command dial when held in adjusts the manual focus assist type. I'll keep learning. Again thanks for the suggestions! Mike
  12. Kimcarsons, Thanks You! It was absolutly the case. I have never intentionally used WB Shift and don't know how I could have mistakenly got to it to change it without knowing I did it. I appreciate the heads up. Mike
  13. Have had my X-T2 for some time and in the past 2 days I noticed a red-ish/purple-ish cast in the EVF, LCD and the Jpegs. (Raw on card 1 and Jpeg's on card 2). Also when downloaded the raw images to Lightroom the thumbnails show the cast, yet when I choose one to develop it corrects the color. Been checking every setting I could find on the X-T2 and could not seem to resolve. Finally started changing white balance settings. Found that no matter what light source I had, the auto white balance setting had the problem. All the other (use white balance for condition such as daylight, overcast, .etc) seemed to render more accurate color in EVF, LCD and Jpeg's. So it appears that the Auto White balance is no longer functioning correctly. Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. Miguel, Interesting Thought. I have not tried that. I will see if I can find a spot and try it out. Thanks for the suggestion. Mike
  15. Thanks Miguel! I'll keep trying. I had tried re-size for smart phone on and off and the settings for location and Geo-tagging have always been off. I'll take a few more runs at it. Also hoping someone reading the thread that has had success jumps in with what settings they are using. Mike
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