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  1. I recently acquired this lens to go with my X-T4, XF18–55mm f/2.8–4 and a few other lenses. Overall, I really love this lens, and while it’s similar to the 18-55, I can see use for both of these lenses. I noticed right away, however, that the manual focus ring on the 16–80mm is quite easy to turn. Although I don’t use manual focus a lot, I find the feel to be a bit too loose for my liking, especially compared to the 18–55. The slightest touch will move the ring. It is damped, just really easy to turn. I don’t know if all of the 16-80 lenses work the same way or if I just got an unusual copy. Could some of you who own either or both of these lenses possibly comment on this for me? Admittedly, the 18-55mm has a rather tight focus ring as well as a pretty tight zoom ring. I actually like the feel of both of these rings. The zoom ring on the 16 to 80 is also a bit easier to turn than the 18 to 55, but I find it’s feel just fine. Thanks for any comments.
  2. Thanks again Henk. Yes I agree with you but upgrading the firmware for the X-T4 this time would probably cause a riot among current users. The Fuji X conference is just a couple of months away and they have implied that they’re going to be announcing one or two new fifth generation cameras. I suspect that could be an X-T5 or it might be an X-H2. If they do introduce an X-T5 that has the customization system of the X-E4, then I’m all over it. I’ll happily trade my X-T4, which I love, to gain the custom features. That would be the complete camera for me. Rumor has it that the new cameras could be in the neighborhood of 32-40 megapixel but we’ll have to wait and see. I understand it’s also possible that at least one camera that they will introduce will have a stacked sensor. We’ll know soon!
  3. Henk, that’s great information but I’m not sure we’re talking about the same camera. I already have shooting mode checked under display custom setting. On my X-E4 the custom setting shows in the lower left-hand corner of the shooting screen, immediately to the left of the PASM mode. On the X-T4, nothing shows up. I have the latest firmware, v. 1.3. You definitely have an X-T4, correct? Also, how are you doing custom settings like your C3? I could see you doing that with the X-E4 or X-S10, but the X-T4 only allows about a dozen custom settings in a profile. Most of those are IQ settings. Love to know how you’re doing all that!
  4. Thanks Henk. Overall, I’m very pleased with both the X-E4 and the X-T4. I would still love to see the ability to add more parameters to the X-T4 saved custom profiles, as we’ve discussed. Overall, it does a pretty good job in that area. The X-E4 (and X-S10) is pretty powerful in the number of things that you can add to saved custom profiles. I’m sure it would not be difficult for Fuji to upgrade the X-T4 firmware to allow these options. There is one thing missing from the X-E4 that kind of annoys me. Unless I am missing a setting, the X-T4 does not show on the screen which custom profile I’m using. That’s pretty important and if the ability is not there, that’s an oversight I think on Fuji’s part. If you are able to show what custom setting you are using on the shooting screen, I’d love to know it. Thanks, Steve
  5. That is an interesting observation. Your statement is either based on subjective use of both cameras or it is an objective comparison. If you have used both cameras and subjectively feel that the X-S10 is “much better than the X-T4“, then I certainly respect your opinion. On the other hand, if your statement is objectively based on comparative features and performance of the two cameras, I wonder if you could list four or five facts that led you to this conclusion. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Greybeard. I considered the X-S10. It’s a great little camera, but I deemed it almost the same as my X-E4, but with IBIS. The four command settings on the top dial are very nice. I still consider the X-E4 as having the best custom configuration of all the Fuji cameras. I haven’t gotten to shoot with an X100V so I can’t comment as to that one. With the X-E4, there are 7 configurable profiles. I believe I counted about 45 parameters that you could set as opposed to 12 on the X-T4. This is probably similar to the X-S10. They couldn’t put 7 profiles on the command dial, but I can either assign them to a button or bring them up with one punch of the Q menu. I don’t know that it will happen at this point but I am hopeful that Fuji might do another “firmware upgrade“ to the X-T4 to make their custom profiles as useful as the X-E4 and apparently the X-S10. They could easily make this change, but I don’t know how current XT users would respond. To me it’s just a more intuitive and greatly expanded system. When I bought the X-T4, it just didn’t dawn on me that the custom settings would be a more limited system than the X-E4. Still, being able to set custom IQ profiles is quite useful, but it would be nice to be able to set something like Sports Mode, which I’ve created on X-E4. Besides film simulation, white balance, ISO, color, sharpness etc, I can choose auto focus area, AF-C, Sports Finder Mode and Photometry (Metering), among others. I realize that X-T4 has a Focus Mode switch and an ISO dial, but those are just buttons essentially. Fuji could also make those settings available for custom profiles through firmware. The X-T4 is a terrific camera and it checked off all the boxes that I needed if I was going to trade in my Olympus E-M1, and that’s how I ultimately chose the X-T4 over the X-S4. Things that I had with Olympus that I didn’t want to lose and I get with X-T4: • 5 axis IBIS (S10 also has) • 3” articulated TFT LCD touch screen (S10 also has) • High resolution LCD screen • Big, high res OLED EVF • Rugged build • Weather sealing • 15 FPS mechanical shutter • Dual card slots with UHS-II support • Higher CIPA rated 500 shot battery Anyway, Fuji, if you’re listening, I love the X-T4 but it would also be great to have the customization features of its little brothers.
  7. Hello everyone! I’m brand new to the forum as I just purchased an X-E4 a couple of weeks ago. I also got a few lenses to get started with. And then yesterday I took delivery on an X-T4. The X-E4 is replacing my beloved Panasonic LX-100. That’s a great little micro 4/3 camera but it was time to upgrade. Absolutely loving the X-E4 and I have it programmed just the way I love it. I know some have said that it lacks buttons, but using the buttons along with the screen I’m able to set it up exactly the way I like. The X-T4 is replacing my treasured Olympus E-M1 M&K II. This is a fantastic camera but again, it can’t match the X-T4 for IQ, color and high iso/low light performance. Not that it’s a night and day difference mind you, But after much back-and-forth comparing I realized that the Fuji definitely has the edge, especially for low light performance. And although the APS-C lenses are a bit larger than the micro 4/3 system, I was really impressed with the fact that the Fuji is almost exactly the same size as the Olympus! OK, so now that I’ve bored you for a moment with my background on my cameras, here is my comment and question to any of you. After configuring the X-E4, I have really been impressed with the way that the Q menu and the custom menu system works. Other than perhaps the drive mode, I can create a custom setting profile and save it with virtually every parameter I want, not just settings like film emulation, grain, tone, sharpness etc. However, I was a little disappointed to find out that the X-T4 does not allow saving changes in the shooting menu or the focus menu as custom setting parameters. While this is certainly no dealbreaker, it was disappointing, especially after having used the X-T4. I apologize if this has been discussed in any detail on the forum before, but I could not find it. Can any of you comment on this phenomenon or does anyone have information whether or not Fuji is considering changing the custom settings to allow more parameters? Or is that going to be called the X-T5? 😂😂 Many thanks in advance.
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