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  1. Did you ever figure out a fix for this? Running into the same problem…
  2. I’ve been looking into getting a gimbal stabilizer for my xt4 but I cant find any good reviews for use with the Fuji systems. I like the Dji Rs2 but hard to see if any of the features even work with Fuji cameras.
  3. Did you ever find out about Rs2 compatibility with Fuji?
  4. Crickets… what did you end up going with? I’ve been using Fuji since the xt1 came out and recently upgraded to an xt4 and looking to get a gimbal stabilizer. Used to having nothing work with Fuji very well so interested to hear how the rs2 works with the Fuji. Surprisingly I still can’t find a decent review even though this combo has been available for a long time now.
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