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    bce.gatien reacted to Greybeard in X-H2S - AI Autofocus enhancement on XT-4   
    I doubt it - it probably needs the faster processor - more likely to wait and implement in the X-T5
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    bce.gatien reacted to cpX in FUJIFILM XT4 that freezes (less than a week after buying it)   
    Try a Fujifilm-recommended memory card: https://fujifilm-x.com/de-de/support/compatibility/cameras/x-t4/
    If that doesn't help: go to the dealer and get the money back or buy another more reliable digital camera.
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    bce.gatien reacted to Florian in Despite all settings being manual, X-T4 insists on changing exposure.   
    This is standard behaviour for many zoom lenses: when you zoom in, the minimum possible aperture increases. This is a physical limitation of the lens' construction, that's why it says F2.8-4.0 and not F2.8 in the product name.
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    bce.gatien reacted to jlmphotos in Xs10 water damage and sensor gone   
    Agree with BCE except sending it to Fuji.  Most likely the sensor is water damaged, and the motherboard is fried.  I fried my XT2 in salt water.  This happened in 2018 and Fuji wanted like $600US to repair.  I wasn't that in love with it and besides there will be corrosion inside the crevasses and buttons etc.
    Look for another body.  and I have to ask what happened to the lens?  
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    bce.gatien reacted to Olaf W. in Does Fujifilm XF35mmF1.4 R work with XT4?   
    Why shouldn‘t it? The XF lenses are engineered for the (all) Fuji X cameras.
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    bce.gatien reacted to Olaf W. in US based, Do I need a converter to charge in Europe?   
    Take a look at the label of the charger. The supported voltages should be specified.
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