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  1. Hi, I have an XT-3 which fires a shoe mounted speedlight just fine. However, When I add a manual Youngnuo (yn560-tx) flash trigger the trigger is getting the message to fire the flash. When I hit the test button on the trigger it fires just fine. Worked OK on my XT-2, XT-3...it doesn't fire. any ideas?
  2. If you are shooting with the flash off camera go with the Yongnuo 560 IV and the associated flash trigger. Set you back about $110 bucks. If you don't shoot manual off camera it is a great skill to learn and something you can do inside during he colder months. Start with Strobist, lighting 101. Cost you about another $50 for a light stand, umbrellas and clamps. $160 for a full lighting setup that really, really works great. On camera I would go with the Nissin i60a. TTL but not HSS (yet, they promise a firmware upgrade). Us this on camera all the time. I have both setups and can vouch for both with an XT-2 Can't go wrong with either one. I use both and plan and getting another Yongnuo 560 IV for a 2 light setup.
  3. Hey guys, in all seriousness thanks fro being early adopters and taking the time to report these things. I just don't have the stomach to be the first guy anymore. Most of these issue look like they can be corrected in firmware. Fuji is pretty responsive so I would not be surprised to hear a recognition of some of the issues next week and a commitment to fixing them soon
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