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  1. I've been on the fence about the X-H2s primarily due to price. I preordered the 150-600 and cancelled the order because I wasn't seeing any wildlife (primarily birds) photos that I thought were any better than what my X-H1 and 70-300+1.4TC are producing. Perhaps my success rate of BIF and the ability to zoom in closer would have made photographing birds a little easier but shelling out $4,500 for the out fit is a little too much for a retired hobbyist on a fixed income. I've decided to see what the 40mp model will do with the sharp Fuji lenses I've acquired and specifically an X-T5 which should be a little less expensive.
  2. Black-headed Grosbeak 1st winter. H-H1, 70-300+1.4TC.
  3. Douglas's Squirrel, X-H1, 100-400.
  4. I agree with the X-E1 there's magic in that camera and if you like that analog look go for the X-P1. If you want to go fixed lens the X-100s is a consideration.
  5. X-H1, 16-55 F2.8.
  6. This is Pnut in repose. She is a short hair mix that adopted us at the animal rescue in Newport, Oregon. She has quickly taken over the house and our hearts. Her head and shoulders appear green due to window tint. X-H1, 70-300+1.4TC.
  7. Sorry to hear of your issues with your new camera and hope Fuji and Adorama will fix them and get it back to you in time. Your issues are the reason I don't buy cars or cameras the first year they've been out sometimes it takes the manufacturers that long to straighten things out.
  8. I love the images the TTArtisans 50mm F1.2 renders. X-P2, TTArtisans 50mm F1.2@F1.2@ 1/4000 sec.
  9. My neighbor makes these bells from expired gas tanks. X-H1, 70-300+1.4TC @ F8, 1/750 sec. Acros+R. X-H1, 70-300+1.4TC, Acros+R.
  10. A photo of the bridge that crosses the Alsea Bay in Waldport, Oregon where I currently live. Taken in one of our many rain storms along the coast of Oregon with an X-H1 and the 18mm F1.4,
  11. Crabbing In The Fog Alsea Bay Waldport, OR.
  12. It really depends on condition and number of shutter actuations. I picked up a mint black with under 2K shutter count a year ago for under $300 and have seen the value go up in a year which is unusual for a digital camera but the x-100 series appears to have developed a cult following. I would be patient and find what you believe is a good condition one that has a return policy because most people rate their cameras higher than they deserve to be. BTW it is an excellent camera to use with beautiful results especially the B&W.
  13. Incoming storm at Pacific Grove, CA. X-P1, 14mm with Hoya IR72.
  14. Go to FB and look in the Fuji X Users Group and the Ultimate Fuji X Users Group and you'll find them there.
  15. Sorry then it is the only site where I have a larger file posted.
  16. This is a little larger and better resolution. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5314956068549628&set=pcb.5007175032699516
  17. Potato Vine, X-P2, TTArtisans 50mm F1.2@F1.2.
  18. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. X-P1, 18-55.
  19. It could also stand for "Super" Carlos with the larger sensor and higher frame rate.
  20. Cherry Blossoms. X-P1, 35mm F1.4.
  21. Monterey Bay Aquarium, X-P1, 18-55.
  22. I could care less how a screen does or doesn't articulate the deal breaker for me will be the rumored cost of $2,500 which is a lot for fixed income folks. I really enjoy my X-H1 and was looking forward to the 2 until i heard the price.
  23. Red-breasted Sapsucker, X-H1, 100-400.
  24. Monterey Cypress Pacific Grove, CA. X-P1, 14mm.
  25. Steller's Jay, X-T2, 70-300+1.4TC.
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