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  1. It is not constantly too bright. As I said, when I leave the shutter button and press it again the brightness goes away.
  2. I shoot a lot indoors with the xt4 using flashes. The preview exp/wb is set to off so that the image in the evf wont be too dark.[My exp settings are set for the flashes and not the ambient light] However I often get a much too bright "whiteout" type of effect- so bright that I can hardly see the subjects untill I leave the shutter button and press it again. Anybody had this problem? I"m ready to sell the camera partly because of this.
  3. I have this issue with the xt4 when using flash indoors. The Preview/Exp is set to off in order to have the image in the evf bright enough. Am trying to sell my camera now partly due to this problem
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