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  1. So I'm no expert but here's my take on things. The XT1's method of using the back button focus (BBF) is DIFFERENT than the XT2. I'll talk about the XT2's method first. The XT2 now follows the use of the BBF method more in line with people that used DSLR's in the past. And the way the DSLR users used BBF and why they raved about is that they left the focus selector (front S,C,M switch) switched to AF-C. You then decouple the half press of the shutter button to NOT focus with the half press in the menus AND you set the AF-L button to ON (again in the menus) here in is the advantage of using BBF: Now if you press and HOLD the AF-L button the XT2 will continuously readjust focus to the selected focus point (i.e. work in AF-C mode continuously while the AF-L button is pressed). If you then release the AF-L button you have now locked the focus to the last focused point and can recompose and fire the shutter button (acting like AF-S without having to switch to AF-S); the best of both worlds, having AF-C and AF-S available all the time! The XT1 if you got used to it worked differently. There is no ability to decouple the half press shutter focus so to do the same thing you again put the camera into AF-C. To get continuous focus you have to half press the shutter button. To lock focus you press and hold the AF-L button (if you set it to "press" rather than "switch" in the menus for AF-L...this will only make sense if you actually own/ed the XT1). Essentially the AF-L button in AF-C mode works exactly OPPOSITE the way it works on the XT2! Again in AF-C mode the XT1 with the AF-L button set to switch will lock focus on your selected focus point while with the XT2 the continuous focus is engaged while the AF-L button is pressed and held and only locks to where the focus point last acquired focus when you RELEASE the AF-L button. There are many other nuances to the use of the AF-L and AE-L buttons but that's my take on BBF and the advantages it has. You just have to get used to the differences between the two cameras. chime in if I've got this wrong.
  2. Neve I guess I never noticed that before....live and learn
  3. Ok figured it out. You have to have face and therefore eye detect off for the AF-L and AE-L to work. You'd think they would have over ridden this in the firmware.
  4. Has anyone found the bug in the 4.3 firmware that I seem to have. After upgrading my AF-L and AE-L don't work any more in AF-S mode. Works in Manual focus but not autofocus. Also had the firmware give the dreaded error "shut off your camera and restart" a couple of times. Tried with 35 1.4 and 50 1.2. Firmware bug?
  5. I had/have the x100s and I had to go through he trials and tribulations of deciding to buy the upgraded x100t. Absolutely the right decision. It is significantly faster focusing in low light and the ergonomics are much closer to my xt1 which I really like. Some say if you have the x100s getting the x100t is a hard decision...and it was....but now that I have the newer x100t I have absolutely NO buyer's remorse.
  6. I opted for the Cactus V6 transceivers and a couple of RF 60 flashes. Just felt that they might prove to be more robust in the long run as I've heard a few complaints about the quality of the Yongnuo products. Also with the V6 attached to your fuji camera you can still do TTL pass through to your fuji flashes or the nissin i40. One thing I found though is if you purposely or accidentally choose red eye reduction in your flash menu setup on camera the TTL pass through doesn't work. Make sure you shut it off for TTL pass through to work.
  7. Hey Bradley really love your work and style. I just bought the 35 1.4 after the FW 4.0 update on the xt1 which now makes the autofocus so much better than before. I also have the x100t (and s...love the upgraded X100T!). Do you have this combo if so why do you use the TCL which takes longer to put on the x100 vs just running and gunning with the 35 1.4 on the xt1 (or xpro1/ex2)? Thanks
  8. Fuji needs to dump Metz and focus their efforts with either Photix. Their small flashes, studio flashes and Remote TTL and Manual sync rocks!!
  9. Agree. Eye and face detection is ok but not reliable for now. Since the auto focus speed is so much better I guess we just keep to minimizing the single focus area and focus on the near eye like we've always done.
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