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  1. Try this: Menu > Setup (wrench menu) > power management > off
  2. Hello! My name is Chris, aged 52, general IT- and bike-nerd. I discovered photography when I was about 15 yo and found my great-grandfathers Rolleiflex and my mothers old Kodak. Later I bought Ricoh KR-10M that got stolen. Lucky insured me was then able to buy a Nikon F3HP, which later led to having my own darkroom. Cue forward a few years, when I started to work, the wonderful hobby slowly was forgotten. Not completely, but only for the sake of point and shoot compact cameras. The last one actually was a Fujifilm X20. Last year I bought a Sony alpha 7C but have to admit that I am not completely happy with it. My significant other made me go through a lot of questions what I really want and/or need, but I just bought an X-T3 anyway. And maybe even an X-Pro 3 in the not too distant future.
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