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    flamidey got a reaction from brock in XPRO3 OVF vs EVF + vs XT3 Startup Time   
    From what I see, if there is a difference, it is not perceptible.
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    flamidey reacted to highfive44 in Can't import large files from XT4 to Mac   
    Thank you guys for help. No, wrong file system is not the case. I think that guys from Fuji have to work on the import to Mac devices. I simply bought a cardreader and this works fine for me, I finally see and import large files.
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    flamidey got a reaction from フランシス in Film Simulation?   
    Yes + Eterna bleach bypass
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    flamidey reacted to Robr in Who's opinion do you most trust on Youtube about Fuji?   
    I think it’s a tough ask. I take each with a grain or sometimes a block of salt.
    I’ve produced videos and know it’s a ton of work and when it comes to someone doing it for their income... it changes everything.
     Plus in todays internet, I think business knows how to protect their products with hidden sponsorships, articles and with comments, down votes and customer reviews from employees acting/pretending to be normal users. 
    My thoughts in no order:
    Gordon Laing - for a long time I’ve felt he was honest in evaluations and I like his consistency in testing. Dislike his newer dummied down rating system.
    Theoria Apothasis - has vast experience and equipment, not sponsored publicly or hidden.  But I’ve stopped watching because I’ve also grown extremely tiered of his consistently praising himself, then repeating it again and again and again in every video. The tidbits of “on topic” info. happen between long episodes of self praise. It’s exhausting and just not worth sitting through because it happens in every video. 
    Kai W - entertainment. For me, he’s funny and original.
    Maarten Heilbron and a few “others” I’ve gotten useful info from. Maarten’s a bit old school but I find him more educated then the others.
    Pal2tech - Comes to mind but I think there are a great deal of regurgitated reviewers like him that offer repacked info they pull from others work and give bad and clueless advice to people who need real help.  I realized what he was doing after viewing others content and then his, plus his thoughtless bad advice on multiple topics told me he was actually a danger to people. Those poor folks didn’t know that what he was advising them to do was actually bad advice and showed his  inexperience. I have no interest for players.
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    flamidey reacted to Alfy in Who's opinion do you most trust on Youtube about Fuji?   
    Also Chris from Pal2tech
    is great for Fuji gear
    one of the best
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