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  1. Been trying to find a good used X100s for my daughter for months. Fred Miranda is usually my best bet but I'm not finding anything lately. I'd prefer to buy from an individual rather than KEH etc. Any ideas or leads would be appreciated.
  2. I'm still without a camera and I need one! Just don't know what to do. I can't find a 2 refurbed or even really used. Kinda screwed at this point. I can get a brand new X-T3 for the same price as a KEH X-Pro2
  3. Yeah I should have noted, I have to have an optical.
  4. OK, so I ditched Nikon a few years ago after decades. Got tired of waiting for them to do a manual centric camera. I went with the X-Pro 2 and several lenses. I have enjoyed the X-Pro (I won't say it matched my D700 but it did fulfill an aesthetic I wanted). Anyway, a couple weeks ago while I was at a chair building get together (woodworking), someone reached in the window overnight and grabbed my camera with my 16mm on it. Not devastating because I had only shot a few frames and the gear was covered (I actually made money since I bought both when they came out and their were huge rebates). My conundrum is this. I know I don't want a X-Pro 3 (don't like the rear screen). So that leaves me with grabbing a used X-Pro 2 (something I'm not against) or waiting. I know Fuji is launching new bodies in the next few months but I'm not sure what to do. Do I wait to see if there will be a 4? I'm almost certain I'm not interested in anything but a rangefinder, which leaves things pretty limited. Any suggestions welcome.
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