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  1. Wait, wait.. that did work! When I got to the second screen I was able to use the wheel to change the options. Thank you Jorge!!
  2. I did have ES on. Turned it off. Still no luck, but I appreciate the response!
  3. I am having issues with activating my flash. Highly likely I turned something on or off in the settings that is messing with me, but here's what's up. I have "Built-In Flash" turned on, but the "Flash Function Setting" shows the flash is turned off. When I click on the "Flash Function Setting" selection, all I get is the below screen that is not modifiable. I would appreciate any help you could give me on resolving this! Looked all over the internet and in the instructions, but could not find anything.
  4. Hello all! I am a new FujiFilm user. I have been shooting with a Canon for about 10 years, and wanted a travel camera that was more than a point and shoot. After a ton of research, I landed on the X100V. I LOVE THIS CAMERA! Take it everywhere I go and it's a great alternative to lugging around my mirrorless with a giant 70-200mm lens on it. Happy to be here! Christopher "My Shadow"
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