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    cpX got a reaction from Vichenso in is Pixel Shift really worth it?   
    For example, you can watch these videos.
    X Summit NYC 2022 / FUJIFILM [Stream EDITED]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K9i0iBGVu4
    Or borrow the cameras you want to test. Then you can form an independent opinion. I hope you have a very fast computer when it comes to this feature.
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    cpX reacted to doobs in For sale section gone?   
    As it turns out I list some stuff for sale once at a very similarly named forum.... 
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    cpX reacted to m_s_b in x100F shutter button /on-off switch fell off   
    A little update.. the good news is that ive managed to super glue the sutter release back in position so it wont fall off, the bad(ish) news is that the on-off switch is now just an "on" switch.
    I think I can live with this though..  Auto off set to 30sec, always carry a spare battery, and remove the battery when not it use is my plan.
    Hopefully that will keep me going till the X100W/Y/Z appears!
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    cpX got a reaction from jerryy in Astro-photography (open thread)   
    Partial solar eclipse with cloudy skies. (2022y10m25d) Sunspots: 3131 ● 3130 ● 3126.

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    cpX reacted to jerryy in XH2S Time Lapse   
    @cpX listed some basic steps for getting the frames, the manual page for the internal intervalometer is here:
    That body can also use external intervalometers, (you set the shutter to ‘bulb’ and the external gadget takes it from there based on how you set it up). That gives you a wider range of shutter times, etc. than the built-in one does A company called Vello offers many different options, make sure though the jack that plugs into the camera is the correct size, if I recall correctly, it is the 2.5mm size, the same as the ones for Canon cameras.
    As far as stacking / blending the frames to get the end result image, I do not know if that body offers that option, but from what I have seen in other bodies that do, doing it internally usually discards the beginning and intermediate frames, so if you wanted to go back and redo something, you are out of luck. It maybe better to use other software to do that.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.
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    cpX reacted to MLCavassa in FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO   
    X RAW Studio doesn't work the way you're thinking it does. It's not a tool for importing images from your SD cards (it doesn't have that functionality), it's a tool that allows the .raf (raw) files stored on your computer or external drive to be routed through and processed by the corresponding camera's native X-Processor (the X-Processor 4 in the case of the X-Pro3). This process is similar to processing the .raf files that are on your SD cards in camera (which will save them back to the SD card). Fuji has essentially just re-written the native on-camera raw file processing application for Apple Mac and Windows.
    On a side note, it appears that this was a very frustrating problem for you, and I understand that. Words of advice, don't take your frustrations out by blasting the forum for not helping you. Do a little research. Everything I just mentioned above could have been found in the X RAW Studio Features & User Guide (https://fujifilm-x.com/global/stories/fujifilm-x-raw-studio-features-users-guide/) and a little experimenting. That's how I learned it.
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    cpX got a reaction from jerryy in Sunset   
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    cpX reacted to BobJ in Possible problem with 16-80 f4. Can any owners help?   
    So this is interesting. I contacted Fuji support in the UK and they told me that the play is normal for this lens.
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    cpX got a reaction from jlmphotos in Fuji GFX 20-35mmF4 R WR: compact ultra-wide-angle zoom lens   
    So I'd rather take photos than wait...
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    cpX reacted to Giampaolo Masserano in Fuji GFX 20-35mmF4 R WR: compact ultra-wide-angle zoom lens   
    In Italy we say: "not all flavors are mint ..."
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    cpX got a reaction from jerryy in Fall pictures   
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    cpX got a reaction from jerryy in Fall pictures   
    Photo from the Bürgerpark ● Heavily compressed because of the 1MB limit here in the forum.

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    cpX reacted to beneix in IS activated though turned off?   
    Thanks @cpX – from those threads I draw the conclusion that there is some aspect of OIS that you can't turn off. It's a shame that the link provided in the page that your fourth link leads to, for Fuji discussing this in a support article, is broken.
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    cpX got a reaction from beneix in IS activated though turned off?   
    That will probably be the drive of the Powerzoom.
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    cpX got a reaction from jerryy in Trains (open thread)   
    Brackwede ● NRW ● Germany.
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    cpX reacted to Xaris in Charging with external usb power adapter   
    Can I charge my xt30 with the usb cable and a simple  5v usb power adapter used in my mobile phone ?
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    cpX reacted to Jerome in Xt3 external power not working   
    I foolishly upgraded to 4.3 and now I have the same problem. USB-C charging doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried an Anker PowerCore 20000, a Anker USB-C charger, an Apple MacBook charger and a simple USB-A charger. None of these get the green grip light to turn on indicating that it’s charging. 
    Fuji-san: please test your fw upgrades before releasing them!!!
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    cpX reacted to Olaf W. in XT4 videos look darker and lower quality looking at it from my laptop   
    It seems to me that you’ve underexposed the material. Depending on the settings, the LCD in most cases does NOT show the actual result since it‘s supposed to help focussing etc. Watch the exposure meter on the LCD while shooting. This will give you the necessary information if your video or photo is exposed correctly.
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    cpX reacted to shaq2710 in x100v dark "flickering" when I half-press the shutter   
    It's okay. I am not mad at Fuji or something. I sent them an email yesterday. I undestand it can take a couple of days to reply. Meanwhile I just want to gather some informations and feedback from other users that are maybe experiencing the same "issue" as me
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    cpX reacted to Cluski in Auto ISO setting on Fujifilm XF10   
    Thanks for that. I shoot in Raw/F and mainly dark and moody street photography. Will use the manual ISO front ring to shoot at night. Will give 6400 a go and have a look at the results 
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    cpX reacted to AdrianoTellentano in 40 MP x-trans: file size & lens future   
    Dear all, with the new generation 40 MP sensors I see a few problems coming for myself and I wonder whether anybody shares my concerns or has some feedback on where the XF journey will be going. Note that I'm a regular "consumer", not photographing for career, Instagram or bread on my table.
    40 MP means large raw files and more detail than I effeively need. To me, 26 MP was the perfect compromise, matching the apsc format. It also seems that lenses to utilize the higher resolution are getting heftier and I always liked the overall small format: I'm shooting XE4 with the old 18/f2 and 35/f1.4.
    - Will 26 MP sensors survive for the other, photo centric, camera systems?
    - If not, may there be a possibility with xtrans to do resolution reduction for raw files via binning?
    - Will Fuji go fully towards modern, and larger, high Res lenses and abandon their approach for small "character lenses" (eg XF 35/f1.4)?
    - Does anybody else feel ambivalent about the MP increase? And don't tell me that storage is getting ever cheaper. That's another problem creating solution for a self inflicted and, in my case, in the first place unnecessary problem (i.e. stupid).
    For complaint on too much sharpnes/resolution, see also this thread:
    Many thanks!
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    cpX got a reaction from Maia in Fuji xt-4 details not clear   
    Please provide the photo in original resolution, preferably in RAW format. A reduced photo makes no sense here because nothing is recognizable.
    What I can already say is: that the aperture should be about between F4 and F8 to achieve the optimal sharpness. F/13 is not conducive. Then you can lower the ISO to 160.
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    cpX reacted to jlmphotos in Dust & On-Body Microphone Openings…   
    On my cameras I use gaffer tape to cover the holes.  I don't shoot video at all so I don't need a microphone.  I'm more concerned about moisture/water getting in there than dust.
    I also use gaffer tape on the side doors (other than memory card slot door) for the same reason.
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    cpX got a reaction from Amandakv in 35mm f2   
    No idea. To do this, you would have to reveal more information about what equipment you have, which perspectives you want to photograph, what distance you have to keep, etc. This will be a guessing game without information on your part...
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