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  1. Not really, unless you want to limit yourself a lot on the image quality. For portraits I would recommend at least an 85mm F/1.4 lens. For landscape photography it depends on whether you want to make panoramas and then the question is which focal length or image effect you want to achieve. There is a lack of more precise information on your part.
  2. Does the aperture ring have whole, half or a third gradations?
  3. You need the appropriate LUT (cube) file for this to work. This is also possible with JPEG photos. Just not so accurate because the JPEG photo has only 24-bit resolution. (RAW = 42-bit).
  4. Yes, with a suitable LUT file (cube) this is possible with FFMPEG. However, only as far as the data in the JPEG photo is still available. It is better to take the photos again (incl.RAW) so that something like this never happens again.
  5. That's nothing yet. I have two Fujifilm X-A1 where the sensor is dirty. the problem is that the dirt lies between the individual layers of the sensor. Unreachable for wet cleaning. A cleaning at Fujifilm would exceed the original price. That's why these were my last two Fujifilm digital cameras...
  6. It's about taking photos with F/1.2 in daylight to clear the background properly.
  7. How much money is available for the old Fujifilm ?
  8. One of the reasons why I would only buy digital cameras with ISO 64 and 1/8000s as a minimum. The fiddling with the filters annoys unnecessarily!
  9. Bring the digital camera to Fujifilm for inspection.
  10. Try this Nikon tool: https://www.nikon.de/de_DE/learn_explore/nikkor_lens_simulator.page Is not in English but you only need to move the slider to simulate the different focal lengths. Maybe you understand a zoom lens then a little better.
  11. That sounds to me like the AF-On button is active.
  12. Please contact Fujifilm with your problem. If no one tells Fujifilm, they will never offer a solution...
  13. The X-T3 because of the BSI sensor.
  14. Get a suitable digital camera such as Canon, Nikon or Sony what this is all about.
  15. I wouldn't take either of them, as the handle is much too small to keep the camera longer on city tours and ergonomically fixed.
  16. Have you completely copied the video with an external card reader and is it on the Macbook? If the video stops, it indicates a Mac that is too slow or a missing hardware encoder.
  17. Just read the instruction manual for your digital camera. Especially the autofocus part: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t3/taking_photo/autofocus/index.html
  18. Last visited March 4, 2016 Why should I allow myself to be unnecessarily restricted? This is idiotic.
  19. Try a Fujifilm-recommended memory card: https://fujifilm-x.com/de-de/support/compatibility/cameras/x-t4/ If that doesn't help: go to the dealer and get the money back or buy another more reliable digital camera.
  20. What do you want to do with the GFX100S? Only JPEG photos ? Only RAW photos ? Only videos ? all together ? Do you want to do image editing and video editing with layers? Without further information, this becomes a guesswork.
  21. Then you would have to know at what frequency the display runs from the mobile phone. Modern mobile phones have significantly higher frequencies than 60Hz and are able to generate variable frequencies, depending on the application. Then there is the problem with polarization. If you can adjust the shutter speed on the camera directly, you should choose a synchronous shutter speed. As an alternative, you can use another mobile phone model. With my Samsung Galaxy S10+ DUOs, I don't have these problems with the Fujifilm X-A1.
  22. Of course, if there is a meaningful information for me in it that is worthwhile. Someone will surely buy this and if it's just a review of the book. Then good luck. Here is a snapshot taken with the 56mm F/1.2. (Cut out because of the 1MB limitation here in the forum.)
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