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  1. Sigma Art 135/1.8 - steelsring F/GFX AF smart adapter - GFX50R - 100% ZOOM
  2. Sigma Art 135/1.8 - steelsring F/GFX AF smart adapter - GFX50R
  3. Minolta 58/1.2 - adapter K&F concept MD-GFX - GFX50R full open
  4. I have GF 45 2.8 ... for me it is like good set-lens not good, not terrible 😉 i use 35/1.4 on GFX 50R (AF-convertor) and i don't recalculate it to kino-film ... this is physic F=35mm on all format, only angle is diff. I use minolta MC 58/1.2 too, but this is manual, work for me and i can imagine the price for GFX ;-)) I can explain it easy ... becuase AF convertor don't work 100% (sometime say me bad lens ... and don't work long time) and i really like 35/1.4 ... i have 2 options ... use MF convertor ... or take Nikon D810 + 35/1.4 and goo ... wit this setup i take wedding in Vietnam and Dubai too (+ some in Europe) ... if i have time i use 135/1.8 sometime 24/1.4 and 14/1.8 - for street photo... but for me is 35/1.4 primary lens that work on any light ... and 2.8 is 2.8 nothing else yes recalculate DOF is 2.2 for 45 ... but light ??? Now i have only one favorite lens from FUJI GF 80/1.7 - if i have space, portrait or to atelier, perfect lens - I we bought it as soon as they released it. Next that i love on GFX body is MF and how GFX do control MF on display/viewfinder ... this is genial ... but i use 35/1.4 for fast photo too, for composed foto (models) and for street photo ... day/night and flash
  5. Hello, what is you dream lens that you like have from FUJI and don't exist now? I use SIGMA ART 35/1.4 for nikon through AF adapter, next that i use is Sigma ART 135/1.8 - now replaced by GF 80/1.7 This work, but sometime 50R say me - lens error - this is some adapter problem, often is needed clean adapter contact - this is not 100% like original lens, or manual lens. Because GFX is crop of crop ... is not good idea use lenses like 2.8 and up ... for me is needed 1.x If FUJI make GF 35/1.4 i buy it ... i don't care price - 2.000 euro ? no problem ... i really miss this lens And i predict that lens been same boom that GF 80/1.7
  6. I use Schneider Kreuznach PC-Super-Angulon 28mm f2.8 Contax Yashica C/Y mount But not as SHIFT (is possible), i use it because this can draw full GFX circle ... wide angle lens. I have this tip from one professional photographer, that take hotel/resort room in tropical area, this lens in not cheap, is relative expansive, but is cheaper that medium-format lens
  7. I use more lenses, manual and AF For AF adapter: Nikon-AF - Sigma ART: 135/1.8, 35/1.4 (24/1.4 is too much, angels withoughtdraw . not only ) STEELSRING Nikon F Lens to Fuji GFX Camera KENKO MF adapter Contax: Schneder shift lens 28/2.8 ... becuase this is shift, is usable on medium format Minolta: 58/1.2 -- WOW efect ;-))
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