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  1. I have both the Oly Pen-F and the Fuji X100V and I wouldn't sell either. Both cameras are great in their own way. In fact, following my purchase of the Fuji X100V, I learned to appreciate my Pen-F yet more. The Pen-F feels as good, and perhaps better, than the X100V in the hand. The Pen-F has image stabilization while the X100V doesn't. The Pen-F takes interchangeable lenses while the X100V doesn't. Back in the old film days, at times, I carried two identical cameras, one with color film, the other with Black and White film. These days, I (once in a while) carry two cameras (the Pen-F and the X100V), the Pen-F with a 50mm (equivalent) lens aboard, the X100V having a 35mm (equivalent) fixed focal length lens of course. Both cameras together are small and light enough to fit in a small camera bag. Just maybe, later on, you'll decide to sell the Pen-F (or the X100V). But why hurry to do so? Take your time; shoot with both cameras for a while. Perhaps a year from now you'll decide to sell one or the other. And perhaps you won't. In the meantime, you'll have two great cameras to use. Hope this helps, Bill B.
  2. Yes, a couple of thoughts. While I've never used (or even heard of) a finger loop, it seems that it might limit the use (dexterity) of one's hand. Seems that a wrist strap would be less restrictive (and perhaps more secure.). I've used a wrist strap with just one (very small) film camera decades ago. These days, I use a neck strap on all of my cameras. One reason for this is that, using a neck strap, I have full use of both hands. And perhaps more importantly, I believe that a neck strap is safer. When walking in a crowd (I do street photography), I'm less likely to bump the camera into a passing pedestrian if the camera is at my chest rather than off to my side. And yet a third reason for use of a next strap -- in the event of inclement weather, I can tuck the camera under my jacket. Bill
  3. I've been shooting Micro 4/3 with Olympus E-M1 and Olympus Pen-F. Last June, I decided to purchase the Fuji X100V. and I'm glad that I did. I'd say that the set-up for the X100V does take some time. In fact, you may well change your mind two or three times along the way about how you'd like to set the camera. I'd predict that it will take some weeks for sure until you're comefortable with the camera. But it really is a wonderful machine. Especially if you're into .jpeg shooting and film simulation. As far as use of a light weight camera. Do you own, or have you tried the Olympus Pen-F. If you don't care about film simulation (a Fuji strength), the Pen-F is a small camera that takes interchangable lenses. And the Olympus menu is far easier to navigate and the camera far easier to set-up. Bill
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