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  1. I already know the answer, Brexit, Covid , Parts , Shipping. I am not sure how much they really take it on board.Those are issues that they are well aware of. Simply bad luck for me . Tnx
  2. Well,,,,, i spoke about Europe. Here it is unacceptable , i am really glad you can enjoy that level of service. Regards?
  3. Camera system is not just about performance , technical spec etc.It is about reliability and service also. My XT-3 died when it was 28 month old and as so , out of guarantee, i had to send it for a repair and agree on 385 Euros payment in advance , no matter what the issue was. To make things worse , Fuji did not manage to build a repair center in the EU and the camera had to travel through custom to the UK ( 3 weeks each direction). Finally after 9 week got the camera back .After installing my setting backup and playing a bit with the system the camera died again....... So now it has to be sent again and another 9 weeks till i see the camera back. That is not the performance of a camera company who is aspiring to compete in the semi pro/ pro field.
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