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  1. Hi Urbane, A photo shot at 6246px x 4170 pixels is the same whether or not it is saved with a 72dpi or 300dpi. You can change the dpi without resampling by unclicking the Resample check box and entering the desired dpi. This will have no effect on the file resolution - just the output. Example: For the Fuji 6246px x 4170px file at 72 dots per inch (read pixels per inch) - 6246px / (72 px/inch) = 86.75 inches = 220.25 cm - 4170px / (72 px/inch) =57.52 inches = 147.11 cm If you change the dpi to 300, uncheck the Resample box the image resolution of 6246 x 4170 px will not change, only the size of the output. - 6246px / (300 px/inch) = 20.82 inches = 52.88 cm - 4170px / (300 px/inch) =13.9 inches = 35.31 cm Now, let's say you save the above image at 300dpi and send that image to a printer to print a 12in x 8in print at 300dpi, then the printer will use an internal algorithm to down sample from 20.82in x 13.9in to 12in x 8in. OR You can take control of the down sample method by changing the resolution of the image in Affinity Pro (or whatever software you use) using the dialogue box in your previous post and changing the size of the image to 12in x 8in, changing dpi to 300, clicking the resample box and selecting the resample method / algorithm then saving the image. Often, after resampling, you may find you have to sharpen the image slightly to get the best printed output - especially if you are upsampling. Taking control of the process enables you to do this rather then relying on the printer.
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