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  1. This is exactly the information I was looking for! Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have a bad lens sample (I’ve read about that and wasn’t sure how seriously to take it).
  2. Okay, so I tried again using a lamp. This time the SS was set to 1/400 (still at f5.6 and ISO 3200). Again, the first one is at 300mm, and the second at 70mm. I think I still give it to the 70mm, but I do think it's a lot closer this time.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm struggling with something and I was wondering if I could get some input. It seems like I'm loosing sharpness at the 300mm end of my XF 70-300mm lens. I've gone out with it a few times since I bought it (last spring), and I've been pretty so-so on the results; I feel like my previous XC 50-230 was producing better results at the long end (unfortunately I didn't keep the lens to test it against). I've been trying to take a lot of test photos, but here are two that demonstrate what I'm talking about. Both photos were taken at the same settings (ISO 3200, 1/13, f5.6), but the first one was taken at 70mm and the second was taken at 300mm. Both photos were taken on a tripod multiple times, and I picked the sharpest/clearest from each. I made sure the subject was roughly the same size in each shot (using the focus square as a guide). I'm using an X-H1. It seems to me like the second photo is noticeably sharper; I guess I'm just trying to find out if I have a bad lens or do I just need to temper my expectations a bit? I really don't have a HUGE amount of experience shooting with long lenses; I just want to make sure it's working properly (I bought it last spring and I think its still under warranty if it needs to be fixed). Has this been anyone else's experience with this or the other Fuji zoom lenses? Also, has anyone had experience sending a lens in to get fixed (like a bad sample)? Thanks!
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