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  1. Thanks HeavyTeva, much appreciated. Now I understand - probably!
  2. Thank you Herco for taking the time to reply, much appreciated. Prior to my post, I chose the aspect ratio 3:2, image size Raw, and uncompressed and these were the settings used for the dimensions in the post. I haven't looked at jpeg yet but think that can wait. As you suggest, I will use uncompressed for real world use. Perhaps the problem is not being familiar with camera yet and probably the reason for the softness. What still puzzles me is the DPI setting. With the Olympus file, I determine the physical print size (usually 33cms x 24.75cms) in a 4:3 aspect ratio which is not much different to out-of-camera size and then reduce the DPI to 300 (approximately 15%) which is normal for printing. The Fuji out-of-camera file by comparison is much larger as understood from your reply but for printing purposes, I would have to increase the DPI from 72 to 300, an increase of over 400% with the software resampling many, many pixels. I hope I have made my issue clearer. Regards Urbane
  3. Hi, this is my first post since getting my new Fuji X100v camera this Christmas. Part of the issue is my own lack of knowledge but here goes. My previous camera is a M4/3 Olympus with a 15MB sensor. Typical raw output is 4,640 x 3422 equating to a file size of 13.9MB with the image measuring 13.257 inches by 9.92 inches. Out of camera, DPI is set to 350. Overall what one would expect. My first raw uncompressed images with the X100v come out 6,246 x 4,170 and a file size of 57.2MB and measure 86.75 inches by 57.917 inches. DPI is 72 So, the Fuji file size is 4 times as much with a sensor that is only 1.7 times as large. The physical dimensions are 6.5 times greater. This feels very odd and the few shots I have taken appear to be soft, not sharp although that may be down to my lack of familiarity with the camera. I understand that DPI refers to print output settings and I'm looking at the images using Affinity Photo. Where does the 72 DPI originate from and why the need for what seems like a dramatic resampling for print purposes? I'm sure the answer is simple but a trawl through several YouTube videos hasn't helped. Thanks in advance Urbane
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