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  1. Thank you, I also plan to get a cheap second hand XC 50-230mm before leaving, just to have a bit more flexibility once I am there. ^^
  2. It look like it's gonna be a Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1,4 R WR in excellent condition with a brand new X-T3 fot he prices of the previous kits. From what I found around the web, it seems like this lens should perfectly fit my needs so I am really happy I found one for a "good" price ! ^^
  3. Thank you guys for your advices ! After reading all of that I am now trying to find a good deal on an used X-T3 body to be able to just buy exactly the lens I need with it. Right now I only plan to shoot images so I guess the IBIS from the X-S10 is not a big deal for me, and the WR on the X-T3 is probably gonna be helpfull in Iceland. I still got a few weeks before leaving so I am in no rush, just really excited to get my first "real" camera ! Thanks again for helping me
  4. Thank you ! I guess that would be the best choice but yes sadly it would be way more expensive than a kit.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Matt, I am from France and a newcomer into the world of photography. I love travelling, and just spending time in nature so I decided to try to learn how to take proper pictures to print them when I come back home. And that's why I am here ! After spending hours looking at cameras, trying to decide how much I could afford to spend and how I was gonna use it, I ended up looking at 2 kits in the same price range and I need some advices. I am planning on going to Iceland during this winter, of course like everyone I would like to take some nice shots of landscapes and Northern Lights (if I am lucky) so which kit would be the best for it : X-S10 + XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR or X-T3 + XF 18-55mm F2,8-4 OIS I know the X-T3 is WR but not the lens coming with it, and it look like this lens is better for Northern Lights but not really good for landscapes. And it seems like it's exactly the opposite for the X-S10 kit. (WR lens but not the camera, and it is really good for landscape but not for astro)😅😅 Sadly I can't afford to buy another lens yet. Thank you in advance for any advices !
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