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  1. Thank you for checking, I have just observed the same behavior with the 35mm f/2 - X-S10 with v2.10 chooses 1/100s. I guess I will use the specific minimum shutter speed or simply force myself to use the M mode more.
  2. Hello everyone, So today I decided to update my firmware (before I had 1.00 version), and after it was finished I noticed one change of behavior. I am using my manual 50mm TTArtisan f/1.2 lens (focal length properly set in Mount adaptor setting), and with A mode, autoISO settings and minimum shutter speed set to Auto - 1.00 firmware - when it was possible, camera chose shutter speed close to 1/(50*1.5), so around 1/75s, which made sense to me, 2.10 firmware - now camera chooses around 1/160s, way more than sometimes is necessary. Have you noticed such change or am I missing some other important setting? I am new to Fuji system, is there any way to report "bugs" in the firmware? I am aware that shutter speed selection can be altered by specifying minimal shutter speed, but I would prefer not to do that, as I will be switching lenses in the future. Another possible workaround could be to select different focal length in the Mount adaptor settings, but that could affect the IBIS performance, or not? Tomorrow my first AF lens (35mm f/2) should arrive, so I am curious whether there will be any change. Thank you for your help.
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