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  1. Hello everyone, I wonder has anyone gone through similar situation like I do, and hope to hear your solution. I use Fujifilm XT3, connect to a remote control for "start shooting" or "stop shooting" video. XT3 is connected with a hdmi cable and elgato Camlink 4k (which changed HDMi into USB A plug). OBS (livestreaming software) can detect Camlink, so i could stream on youtube. My problem is, whenever i pressed "shoot" button, the recording stopped on XT3. However, obs/yotuube will be blacked out (no video and no sound) for almost 6 to 7 seconds. Then video/sound returned. I looked into the manual, but i cannot find anything related with this blackout. How can I remove the black out so that it will keep streaming without disruption. Thank you very much for your kind consideration!
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