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  1. hello Greybeard, that's PERFECT !!! Strange, when I had done a reset that this setting has'nt changed ! Thanks a lot! Problem solved ! Best regards, Alain
  2. hello, already thanks, but the reset don't reset all the settings, neither the firmware... There are NO pictures in these 2 maps, normally, when i plug the camera to my pc, I have to see the 2 maps of the SD cards, SLOT 1 en SLOT 2. Same problem on my Windows laptop Since last saturday I see the 'new maps, LIVE and STILL, but nothing to see in these maps, also no possible to delete them. Happend after a empty batterie
  3. Hello, how can I give a FULL reset to my x-pro2? Thus, also the firmware, date, maps......; Problems when I connect the x-pro2 to my windows pc: 2 maps appear, LIVE and STILL, no photos (raw or jpg) to see, I've already formatted my 2 SD cards, no solution, what happens? Best regards, Alain
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