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    Documentary and street photography. Some landscape and backcountry, and mountain sports photography.
  1. dmweisman

    Baby shots

    Some recent images of a 6-month old. Captured with XT-1 and 56mm, f1.2, available light, Astia film sim, minor tweeks in CC/LR. ©2017 Douglas M. Weisman
  2. These are beautiful images. Well done! Can you explain the filtration you used for the long exposure images? Also, how much time did you spend in each location? Thanks and keep up the great shooting!
  3. Hi there, I've been shooting with Fuji for a few years now. My kit includes an original x100, an x30 and an X-T1. I have a range of lenses: 10-24 f4, 16-55 f2.8, 16 f1.4, 56 f1.2, 50-140 f2.8, and 100-400 f5.6. I've adopted this package for travel as my Nikon gear was bogging me down--an my wife would let me travel with all the heavy-weight gear. My package is great for backpacking in my Mindshift pack where I also carry filters and a MeFoto carbon tripod. I mostly enjoy street and documentary photography but have found myself shooting a lot of landscapes and nature, as well. I recently uploaded a few images from a recent trip to Alaska (see Alaska-2016). Please comment or send messages, if you'd like. The photo is me "tundra napping" with a view of Denali at Denali National Park, Alaska. Happy shooting! DougW
  4. dmweisman


    Photos © 2016 Douglas M. Weisman
  5. Great shots! Can you give us some idea as to your settings on the Fuji gear? Are you shooting only jpegs or shooting RAW? What about film sims? Just curious. Keep up the great work!
  6. Hi there, I just returned from a three week adventure to India--no time in big cities. Here are some of the images: http://www.douglasweismanphotography.com/Travel/People-of-India-2016/ http://www.douglasweismanphotography.com/Travel/India-2016 Though the purpose of our trip was wildlife, and specifically, to find the Bengal tigers, I found really interesting scenes in rural farm country and small villages. The people were warm and open, though very little, if any English spoken where we were. The landscapes and vistas were spectacular, though it is very dry this time of year. All my images are with Fuji X cameras and wildlife with the new Fuji 100-400 zoom. Take a look and please comment. D. Weisman
  7. I have had great luck with the GoalZero products. They are very durable, easy to set up and many options available. I use the 3-panel Nomad 20 and a Sherpa 50 power pack. You simply leave the panel set to the sun during the day attached to the Sherpa 50. The battery in the Sherpa 50 can either charge your batteries--simply plug in with the regular power plug--or you can plug your charger into the Sherpa while it charges from the sun. It comes with some adapters, but what is best about the Sherpa is using it's standard A/C plug. Good luck and travel safe!
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