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  1. Wish I could help. I can't get my new x100v to connect to the app on my iPhone 11. I have the latest firmware in the camera (2.01). The app on the phone finds the camera but the camera cannot find the phone. I posted earlier about this and got a lot of views but no replies . IF I could ever get the so called "pairing registration" done I would try this...but Jim
  2. My iPhone 11 with OS 14.8.1 sees the camera but the camera never gets out of search mode. I saw some earlier posts about this so I guess the app simply does not work with OS 14 higher. Too Bad. Did it work effectively with earlier OS software or with Android?
  3. I have one on order. The manual says to plug the usb cable into a computer and not let the computer go to sleep. Is it acceptable to plug cable in into a USB adapter in a wall outlet like my phone? Thanks, Jim
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