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  1. Amazon came through. They were in delay due to information from Fuji, but mine shipped yesterday and will be here today. FW is downloaded and screen protector waiting. Leaving for three weeks myself on a photo trip, so timing couldn't be better!
  2. If you ordered the XT3 from Amazon, you may want to contact them. I was just informed that their release date has changed to the 24th. Yeah I know XXXX But the shipping will start from 24th. I was hoping to take it with me when I left town that weekend, and had ordered with 1-day shipping. However, now wish I had ordered from B&H!!!
  3. So, which lenses are adapting best to the GFX? What are people using? Are the Contax lenses worth playing with? Mamiya? Looking for some "real-world" feedback. Thanks
  4. Somehow I have a small scratch right in the middle of the rear LCD on my X-T2. Looking to see if there is a simple, easy solution for how to remove it. It is not deep. I put a glass protector on it (too late) thinking that might cover, but it makes it more apparent. Looking for good reliable suggestions which will not further damage the LCD. Thanks
  5. Look, personally I like Steve. I think he writes well and is really enthusiastic about whatever he is shooting. What bothers me is that there has become NO balance in his site and/or reviews. There is no such thing as the PERFECT camera. I shoot with the Leican M9, Fuji GFX and Fuji X-T2 - each is different and I use them for different things. While 20fps is impressive - so is an 8k video camera shooting 33mpixel images either 30 or 60fps! All I ask is that the reviewers should stop and think - wait a few days before writing your review. Think about the camera and how people spend their money and how they shoot. Think about what is "bad" about a camera and what could be improved. In other words - BALANCE!
  6. Yeah, does not look like a bad camera at all. Price is a bit high. I also think it needs a better grip and full weather-sealing. However, these are minor gripes. My issue is calling it "The best camera EVER" before there is any real critical evaluation of the camera and comparison with the established market leaders. Personally, would love to try it for a shoot, though there is little chance I would ever buy Sony (due to a dislike of their menus and design philosphy). However, it does look like a very promising camera at this point.
  7. I am encouraged if they have improved the electronic shutter in the a9. I have no doubt it is a good camera. I have NEVER seen a cost-savings on lenses as Sony lenses are priced in the extreme. Canon lenses are cheaper in general (smaller too). I have also, not until the recent G-series, never been too impressed with the native lens line up. The Sony menus and handling are horrible, while their tech is great. If they would just hire a really good photographer to help them with their menus and button layout they could have a real winner. My issue is all the superlatives coming out for a camera no one has in their hands yet. Let's get it out there and judge by the output. On paper it looks great. However, as we all know it matters how it works "in-hand".
  8. I am not knocking the a9. Far from it. I just think to claim it as the "ultimate camera" before anyone has one in hand to be a bit disingenuous. I hope that it is a wonder, especially given its price! I am concerned about the "rolling shutter" issues as I have yet to see evidence that it is not present. It may be lessened, but eliminated is a stretch - though I am willing to be convinced. As far as AF, let's see some real-world tests before going off. OIS is still better than the 5-axis system in the Sony. Even Sony admits this and turns off much of the 5-axis once an OIS lens is attached. One thing is I don't care FF vs. APS. It is all in the ISO, AF, etc. No one looks at my prints and remarks on the size of the sensor. Can you tell? Better battery life is always good. $3,000 good? Maybe not. My point was not about the a9, but about the superlatives and brand idolatry that has pervaded the industry. I would like to see some real-world testing and comparison of the camera systems. I do not care for BS adjectives and support for certain brands regardless. I have used Sony cams. Personally, I do not like the handling, though the images are fine. Let's wait before crowning a "King of Cameras". Ok?
  9. Yes, I know there is excitement over the new a9 camera from Sony. Seems like a worthy competitor to the Fuji X-T2, however, the price seems extreme at this point at $4,500 or almost 3x the X-T2. So, I am wondering what it is about the camera that makes it worth so much?!? I mean no one has the camera as of yet for thorough testing and comparison. Here is what Steve responded: "This electronic shutter has no limitations like the Fuji or even older Sony’s. It is what I would use all the time in fact. Also, the Xt2 is not even close to this A9 in any way from IQ, to Speed, to Video to well, anything. Only thing the Fuji has over this is the Fuji look if that is your pref. This camera is like nothing else out there. It truly is." Really?!? I used to go to this site because of the in-depth analysis of cameras, lenses, etc. Seems Steve has "Gone Over to the Dark Side" and become nothing more than a "fan-boy" for both Sony and Leica. I really wish this weren't rue as I liked his more conversational tone and analysis based in real-world usage. Oh well, another one bites the dust of useless rhetoric backed up by pure emotion as opposed to professionalism.
  10. Looking for recommendations for a screen protector for the XT2. Before you say I don't need one, I use the camera a lot and it swings into my belt buckle a lot. Used them on all previous Fuji's to greater/lesser effect. Used a GGC on the XE2 and an Expert Shield on the XT1. Preferred the GGC. However, looking to see what people are using and recommending at the moment. Thanks
  11. Amazon says a monht. B&H wont even list a date - simply coming. I believe both are accutally shipping. Recommendation for best delivery times? Thanks
  12. That is current special pricing, but there should be a complete rebate list coming soon on all products.
  13. Alright the rumor was posted. Anyone have an idea as to when and what the rebates will be in the US on Fuji gear. I am about to pull the trigger on some gear for a photo/travel expedition in early December, and don't want to get caught! (buy and then have the price drop). Anyone with an idea is welcome to post. Hoping for first thing next week. Thanks
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