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  1. Well. It's the end of the year and both On1 2019 and Luminar 3 have come out so I had to make my decision. All these software programs are excellent and each is best in one area or another. I have found that converting to Tiff or DNG outside of Adobe then opening in LR works quite well and Iridient Transformer does a great job of batch converting to DNG. So now I am converting to DNG and using "What Does What Best". LR has the best Libraries functionality so I keep a catalog of my completed images converted to Tiff in LR for a gallery and final touch up. But Luminar and C1 provide outstanding results so I develop in those two depending on what the image is. So far this is working quite nicely.in
  2. Lumens

    Noise Levels with X-T3 with High ISOs in Low Light

    I own both XT-2 & 3 as well. I have come to the same conclusion. I have set the two cameras aside for special purposes. The XT-3 is my go to camera being outstanding for Sports & Wildlife. That Auto-focus is insane and just does wonders on unpredictable subjects. I also prefer the XT-3 in good light for landscape and such, but when I know the light may be questionable out comes the XT-2. At ISO 3200 or less the XT-3 does fine, but the XT-2 can easily go to 6400 and I've even had success at 12800. So it's the XT-2 for low light and the XT-3 for everything else.
  3. Lumens

    Photolemur 3.0 now 50% Off Today Only

    I picked it up a couple days ago @50% off. Interesting product, It does a good job, but a bit like shooting straight JPEG out of the camera. I prefer to do my own processing, but I suspect I will be using it when I'm feeling lazy or in a hurry. I may process then run Photolemur just to see how different the automated version appears from my own.
  4. Lumens

    Peak Design strap attachment

    I made the attachment using the metal clips supplied with the camera body, on my XT-1, XT-2, and now my XT-3. Have to agree straight through the eyelet would be nice, but the clips work fine for me.
  5. Lumens

    Lightroom rejecting Raw files

    Yes, I don't use Sports mode so have not had any issues with purple images in C1. I am assuming an update will be sent out in short order, but in the mean time stay out of Sports Mode and all is good..
  6. Lumens

    Lightroom rejecting Raw files

    Capture One works for me and does a better job than LR. My files will open in LR Classic without issue - maybe it's the LR CC that still has a problem.
  7. "There is no Fuji Worms effect. There is an Adobe Worms effect." I like that statement as it is MUCH more accurate. My problem is I am too familiar with Lightroom - it is much easier to use because I know it so well. But I've not been happy with Adobe for a while now and keep looking for a suitable software to switch to permanently. Like mostlyphotos above the new Fuji version of Capture One was the only software to bring about a prompt upgrade to the XT-3 so I started using it. There's a very strong chance this will be my answer to where I will be moving to. It is a fantastic Software. I have also tried several other software including On1, Luminar, Raw Therapy, Irridient, ACDSee, etc. Not one of them produced worms unless I really get ridiculous with the sliders. Then all of them will to a degree, but nothing like what Lightroom does with just a slight adjustment. At this point I am waiting to see the new On1 2019 and the new version of Luminar when they come. Between Capture One, OnOne Photo, & Luminar there are features I like and dislike about each. Capture One being the most powerful, I love the way the Libraries work in OnOne, and I get the best results with Luminar. On the other hand, Capture One is going to require a bit of a learning curve and require me to get accustomed to the different User Interface, OnOne has great result, but not nearly as good as the other two (Could be me not the software), and Luminar at this point is just a plug-in. I will be moving to one of them permanently after the first of the year, when I can give each another try. Mostly because they all render Fuji files a GREAT deal better than Adobe.
  8. Lumens

    X-T3 for real

    I own the XT-2 & the XT-3, as I kept the XT-2 as a backup. The BSI sensor on the XT-3 in my opinion seems focused on speed. The AF on this thing is incredible! Has me tracking Butterflies & Dragon flies In-Flight! I suspect Fuji wanted to step ahead of the mirrorless phobia about poor AF. Definitely not true any more, this thing can keep up with any of the best DSLRs. But that came at the price of a little bit more noise. Note: the XT-3 is still way ahead of the noise game, just not quite as much ahead as the XT-2. I am finding what I could shoot with my XT-2 @ 12800 is about equal the the XT-3 @ 6400. I still try to stay below 3200 so really it is not an issue - I am very happy with the performance of the XT-3 I don't shoot video so the XT-2 is identical to the XT-3 except for slightly slower AF speed and slightly better ISO handling. Both cameras are almost identical except in a very slim measure of performance. If I am going to shoot in low light the XT-2 is coming out, when shooting wildlife, you can't beat the XT-3. I now have the best of both worlds!
  9. Lumens

    X-T3 for real

    Yes, WAY BEHIND, I've been wondering if this forum is actually still active.
  10. I purchased the subscription Capture One Pro for Fuji (v11.3) and may purchase the permanent license at the end of the year. The subscription isn't bad but as always any subscription plane is just a leach attached to the wallet. The permanent version $299 does include all the Fuji and Sony features with it. It is designed for all cameras. For a lower price On1 is a good option as well.
  11. Lumens

    Amazon DELAYS XT-3 Release!!!

    I just received my "It's on the Truck" email from B&H, to be delivered Tuesday by FedEx. XT-3 Black + Vertical Grip!
  12. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    I just pre-ordered the silver, this being my only reservation, but it just looks so cool! Hopefully it stands up with the normal Fuji quality - time will tell.
  13. Lumens

    Anyone else is hoping for a 16-80 f4?

    I must agree, I kept my Canon 7D because of that lens. Sold all the other lenses, but every once in a while I'll take a stroll with my 7D/15-85 combo just because it is so good. I was more thinking the Fuji 16-80 f4 now in the works would be more to challenge the Canon EF 24-105 f4 - another good lens. Either way it sounds like a good idea. I just don't know that it would replace my 18-55/55-200 combo I love so much.
  14. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    Sounds like they may get my dollars after all. The difference from XT-2 to XT-3 is nothing compared to the XT-1 to XT-2 jump, at least from what I have seen so far. Actually, I've been thinking on passing this time, but at the right price.... I'm thinking Fuji is working on a smart strategy - sell the camera well below competition, make the profit on consumer GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). You know anyone moving from Canon/Nikon to Fuji is going to need more than just one lens
  15. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    20 fps really seems like overkill to me. The 11 fps of the Xt-2 is MORE than enough, if not too much for me. However, if the XT-3 can shoot that many frames that quick, then the improvement in Auto-focus speed must be quite significant. THAT would make a big difference for me.
  16. Lumens

    X-T2 Lock up

    Many have complained about lock ups and Fuji has answered with Firmware upgrades. Are you using the latest version of firmware? If not you are MISSING OUT on a lot of good stuff. Personally I have never had a lockup happen to me. I have always suspected third party batteries and mix of cards in the card slots. I always use Fuji batteries and matching sd cards in both slots.
  17. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    Hmmmm, now made in china - I may just pick up that second XT-2 and pass on the XT-3. So far only 2 extra megapixel, maybe faster processor, and a smudge screen - I keep getting less and less impressed with the rumors.
  18. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    Fuji has two strategies - If you want IBIS look at the XH series. There's not a lot of difference between the XT-2 and XH-1 except IBIS. I want to say, If you don't shoot video there really is no difference, but I do hear users of the XH-1 say IBIS really helps with the prime (non-OIS) lenses. I have not shot an XH-1, but with my XT-2 I really haven't experienced a need for IBIS and I do shoot primes. So far I am extremely happy with my XT-2 and figure it's going to take something really impressive to get me to upgrade. So far in the XT-3 rumors I have not seen that, but not that much is out yet either, so my upgrade while doubtful is still up in the air.
  19. Lumens

    Torn on making my setup of lenses

    You're talking covering everything from wide-angle to telephoto. In my opinion the easiest way to do that is with zooms. Ultimate setup -> 8-16 f2.8, 16-55 f2.8, 55-140 f.28, & 100-400 (My setup will look like this when I hit the Lottery ) Most affordable/efficient -> 10-24, 18-55, 55-200, & 100-400 (My current setup) Prime system -> 16 f1.4 (maybe 14 & 23 here), 35 f1.4, 56 f1.2, 80 Macro or 90 f.2, & 100-400 Alternate Prime -> 23, 35, 50, 90 all f.2 with 100-400 Bottom line covering that wide a range is expensive, best option is make a plan and stick with it. So much in the bank a month until the finances (and sale price) is there.
  20. I must admit I really love the idea, but as you say it's all guess work. I tried using for landscape and ended up with spots out of focus as the steps moved too far in between. I tried some Macro and didn't set enough shots so didn't get the detail/shot I wanted. I did get one good shot, but it is truly nothing but guessing at this point. I am better off to wait until they improve the process so you know what your settings are actually going to do.
  21. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    I own both as I upgraded when the XT-2 released and have been using the XT-2 since the day it came out. They will have a hard time pulling my XT-2 out of my hands. On the other hand I pull out the XT-1 on occasion and find it an extremely good camera. I fully understand the sentiment here. The sale on the XT-2 was the larger sensor (16 to 24 mp) and the improved AF. The XT-1 lacks the AF of the XT-2 so as long as you do not shoot action very often there was no need to upgrade. Personally Birds In Flight fascinate me so I had no choice but to upgrade. Now we have the XT-3 to tempt us, so I need to see a reason to spend the cash for the upgrade. I'm not sure the stacked sensor and improved AF will be enough this time. The XT-2 does quite a good job as is. The smudge screen is more of a turn off for me so the XT-3 so far only offers a limited improvement..
  22. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    From the rumors I have seen the better sensor and quicker AF will be enticing. I will be taking a serious look at the XT-3, but I suspect it will be more a matter of want over need. The jump from XT-1 to XT-2 had such an improvement in AF it was more need than want. Their marketing team is going to have quite a job convincing me of the need. If they remove the joy stick to accommodate the smudge screen I will definitely consider that the best way to turn a GREAT camera into quite average.
  23. Lumens

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    So far I expect 1. 24-30 MP 2. New sensor -> What's an upgrade without one? 3. Quicker AF - > Again what's an upgrade without one? 4. No IBIS -> IBIS requires larger size and items I believe do not fit the XT model. 5. Smudge Screen -> Yes I know everybody loves them, but touching/smudging the LCD that provides all the important information seems just foolish to me. Major detriment in my book. 6. Other niceties, Possible but not for sure things like improved menus, bracketing, stacking, things we see on other brands. Overall I love my XT-2 and don't see any rumors that would cause me to let go of the cash to upgrade, but time will tell.
  24. Lumens

    Fuji XT2 faults, what have you had?

    I pre-ordered my XT-2 and got it on day of release - Not a single problem, works fantastic from day one.