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  1. Agreed, I use a Black Rapid attached to the Tripod Collar for my XT-3/100-400. Although I prefer the Peak Design - I do use it for all my other (Lighter) lenses.
  2. I own the XT-2 & 3 and have also tested with my own files. I took 3 RAW images and converted them with IRXT, Enhanced DNG, CR DNG, and Tiff using CR. Then compared all the files in Lightroom. At normal viewing and even at 100% you will not see much difference. Most people had to zoom to 300 & 400% to see the difference. However I have been using Fuji and LR for a long time, the issue asserts itself with Clarity and sharpening. So to view the issues at their worst I increased Clarity, Luminance, and Detail to 100%. The RAW and CR DNG files looked like a horror movie with alien worms about to jump out (at normal viewing on a small monitor. The IRXT & Enhanced DNG were very close to equal, with maybe an EXTREMELY small benefit going to the Enhanced. The CR Tiff showed the best appearance. These results were at all zoom levels - the worms were just not there on any of the three. I started to export to Tiff just recently as I was experimenting with alternative software and not all are compatible with XT-3 files or even DNG. I found exporting to Tiff gave me the freedom to use any software I wish and the worm effect no longer occurred. The disadvantage is the larger file size of course. My new workflow is: Use Bridge "Review Mode" to sort out which images I want to process Open them in Camera Raw and Export to new location as Tiff (Full size, 16bit, Profoto RGB) Process "Global" adjustments using Luminar 3 (My preferred processing software) After global adjustments - export as Tiff to my "Gallery" folder Import the "Gallery" into Lightroom for the excellent DAM provided and round trip to Photoshop if any local adjustments may be needed. Export from Lightroom for final destination in format as required (Internet, Printing, Web, etc.)
  3. Well. It's the end of the year and both On1 2019 and Luminar 3 have come out so I had to make my decision. All these software programs are excellent and each is best in one area or another. I have found that converting to Tiff or DNG outside of Adobe then opening in LR works quite well and Iridient Transformer does a great job of batch converting to DNG. So now I am converting to DNG and using "What Does What Best". LR has the best Libraries functionality so I keep a catalog of my completed images converted to Tiff in LR for a gallery and final touch up. But Luminar and C1 provide outstanding results so I develop in those two depending on what the image is. So far this is working quite nicely.in
  4. I own both XT-2 & 3 as well. I have come to the same conclusion. I have set the two cameras aside for special purposes. The XT-3 is my go to camera being outstanding for Sports & Wildlife. That Auto-focus is insane and just does wonders on unpredictable subjects. I also prefer the XT-3 in good light for landscape and such, but when I know the light may be questionable out comes the XT-2. At ISO 3200 or less the XT-3 does fine, but the XT-2 can easily go to 6400 and I've even had success at 12800. So it's the XT-2 for low light and the XT-3 for everything else.
  5. I picked it up a couple days ago @50% off. Interesting product, It does a good job, but a bit like shooting straight JPEG out of the camera. I prefer to do my own processing, but I suspect I will be using it when I'm feeling lazy or in a hurry. I may process then run Photolemur just to see how different the automated version appears from my own.
  6. I made the attachment using the metal clips supplied with the camera body, on my XT-1, XT-2, and now my XT-3. Have to agree straight through the eyelet would be nice, but the clips work fine for me.
  7. Yes, I don't use Sports mode so have not had any issues with purple images in C1. I am assuming an update will be sent out in short order, but in the mean time stay out of Sports Mode and all is good..
  8. Capture One works for me and does a better job than LR. My files will open in LR Classic without issue - maybe it's the LR CC that still has a problem.
  9. "There is no Fuji Worms effect. There is an Adobe Worms effect." I like that statement as it is MUCH more accurate. My problem is I am too familiar with Lightroom - it is much easier to use because I know it so well. But I've not been happy with Adobe for a while now and keep looking for a suitable software to switch to permanently. Like mostlyphotos above the new Fuji version of Capture One was the only software to bring about a prompt upgrade to the XT-3 so I started using it. There's a very strong chance this will be my answer to where I will be moving to. It is a fantastic Software. I have also tried several other software including On1, Luminar, Raw Therapy, Irridient, ACDSee, etc. Not one of them produced worms unless I really get ridiculous with the sliders. Then all of them will to a degree, but nothing like what Lightroom does with just a slight adjustment. At this point I am waiting to see the new On1 2019 and the new version of Luminar when they come. Between Capture One, OnOne Photo, & Luminar there are features I like and dislike about each. Capture One being the most powerful, I love the way the Libraries work in OnOne, and I get the best results with Luminar. On the other hand, Capture One is going to require a bit of a learning curve and require me to get accustomed to the different User Interface, OnOne has great result, but not nearly as good as the other two (Could be me not the software), and Luminar at this point is just a plug-in. I will be moving to one of them permanently after the first of the year, when I can give each another try. Mostly because they all render Fuji files a GREAT deal better than Adobe.
  10. I own the XT-2 & the XT-3, as I kept the XT-2 as a backup. The BSI sensor on the XT-3 in my opinion seems focused on speed. The AF on this thing is incredible! Has me tracking Butterflies & Dragon flies In-Flight! I suspect Fuji wanted to step ahead of the mirrorless phobia about poor AF. Definitely not true any more, this thing can keep up with any of the best DSLRs. But that came at the price of a little bit more noise. Note: the XT-3 is still way ahead of the noise game, just not quite as much ahead as the XT-2. I am finding what I could shoot with my XT-2 @ 12800 is about equal the the XT-3 @ 6400. I still try to stay below 3200 so really it is not an issue - I am very happy with the performance of the XT-3 I don't shoot video so the XT-2 is identical to the XT-3 except for slightly slower AF speed and slightly better ISO handling. Both cameras are almost identical except in a very slim measure of performance. If I am going to shoot in low light the XT-2 is coming out, when shooting wildlife, you can't beat the XT-3. I now have the best of both worlds!
  11. Yes, WAY BEHIND, I've been wondering if this forum is actually still active.
  12. I purchased the subscription Capture One Pro for Fuji (v11.3) and may purchase the permanent license at the end of the year. The subscription isn't bad but as always any subscription plane is just a leach attached to the wallet. The permanent version $299 does include all the Fuji and Sony features with it. It is designed for all cameras. For a lower price On1 is a good option as well.
  13. I just received my "It's on the Truck" email from B&H, to be delivered Tuesday by FedEx. XT-3 Black + Vertical Grip!
  14. I just pre-ordered the silver, this being my only reservation, but it just looks so cool! Hopefully it stands up with the normal Fuji quality - time will tell.
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