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    ESCH got a reaction from Dennis2581 in Cam Remote app and IOS 15   
    After upgrading my iPhone to IOS 15 the Cam Remote app fails to connect to the camera (X100V). Re-installed the app - no change. Anyone with the same issue, and hopefully a solution?
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    ESCH got a reaction from TommyS in Hi from Sweden !   
    After a year of absence I own a Fujifilm camera again, and I am back on this forum. My journey went from film cameras (Praktica, Olympus) to DSLRs (Canon 5D MkII) to Fuji X100V to iPhone 12 Pro and finally back to the Fuji X100V. The DSLRs simply turned out too bulky and heavy, collecting dust on the shelf. I was initially very happy with the Fuji, with a few exceptions (no GPS, disastrous Cam Remote app), but got intrigued by the capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro. The integration with the Apple eco-system is outstanding, and the some of the computational photography stuff is amazing, e.g. Night Mode. Using the iPhone for more serious photography though soon showed it’s limitations. Besides the physical limitations (fixed aperture, touch screen, small sensors, limited resolution) it is actually the computational photography that made me switch back to the X100V. The pictures look overprocessed and artificial to me, skin texture and tones are off, the artificial blurryness of Portrait Mode looks just - artificial, colours are too saturated etc. I find the pictures acceptable for online-sharing (Facebook, Instagram etc), but not for bigger screens or prints, and it is very hard - if not impossible - to revert these pictures to a more natural look, at least with my limited knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop. Worst thing is that I get used to these overprocessed photos, loosing my feeling for natural colours and skin tones ….
    So here I am, a happy owner of a black X100V

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