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  1. If I may add my two cents and potentially make it more difficult here it comes : I’ve shot an OG x100, sold it for a xt1 with primes / zooms and shoot a 50r for work (architecture). The files of the 50r are incredible compared to the xt1, but that is also older tech. I love the 4:3 ratio for portrait orientation (verticals). And the very long ratio (forgot what it precisely is) for landscapes. I would love to only have to edit 50r’s files, it’s a treat (DR, resolution, sharpness of lenses, colors, …). But when it comes to shooting … I see it more as a high quality tool that I mount on a tripod and that gets me the results I need and more. But I don’t particularly enjoy shooting it except for zooming a 100% on shots I just took to be amazed by the details I get out of it (that didn’t really get old yet). Going for a family hike or travel I’d much rather have my x kit with me, with all the small primes rather than the 50r’s big chunky zoom or TS primes. My dream photo kit ? x100v + a gfx (100?) with a bunch of lenses. If I could have only one camera ? An X series or a full frame mirrorless with a bunch of lenses.
  2. Hi! I’ve been using the TS-E 24 on a GfX50r with an adaptor (I think a metabones, it was quite expensive). Works fine. At full shift on portrait mode you get quite some vignetting but I’ve been pleased with the results. Sometimes the exposure gets inconsistent even tho I’m in full manual but that might be user error. Very practical to use focus peaking. hope that helps !
  3. Hi! Here I am joining this forum after close to 10 years shooting fuji now. Started on the original x100 in around 2013 and then on to an x-t1 in 2018, making the mistake of selling the x100 in the process, but hey, I needed the cash . I later on regularly shot a GFX kit for pro work. I’m gravitating more and more almost exclusively towards architecture and landscape, and therefore facing the technical challenges of having to find TS lenses to use on Fuji, and am now on a quest to a solution to that for the x system. happy to join cheers m
  4. @robgillman hi! As I am currently looking into similar solutions (trying to avoid having to sell all fuji gear to go sony just to get Shift for architecture), how is the fotodiox+laowa12 working out for you now that it’s been a while ? Are you happy with the result ? Is for instance sharpness across the frame allright ? How about chromatic aberrations ? thanks
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