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    As we know the jack for any external microphone for the XT30 needs to be either connected with a 2.5mm to 3.5 Audio Cable or what I did also was connect Usb-c till 3.5mm Adapter. What I didn't realise is the the setting Mic/remote release when recording with the Saramonic blink microphones differs. In the first couple of film shoots I connected the Usb-c to the Saramonic receiver and the headphones to the back of the Saramonic receiver. The Mic/Remote release was on Microphone. The recording went well, then I bought myself the audio cable connection and everytime I plugged it in the camera told me that I was to check the Mic/Remote release which I wasn't sure what it meant. I looked it up in the manual and the only item it had on this setting was about it being an external shutter release nothing about audio. It is also not under the audio settings. I had it on microphone like the last time I filmed and I checked that the sound was coming into my headphones loud and clear I thought all was good, however, when I downloaded the film into Premier Pro no sound had been recorded. I thought I had checked the audio levels but know now maybe I had checked them whilst I was setting up. I just went ahead with the filming as I could hear the interviewer loud and clear in my headphones and was watching the LCD for focusing and exposure. I realise I can't get the sound back but would be great if you could add something in your manual about this. When I attach my Rode microphone I have the setting under Mic/Remote release on Microphone but when using the Saramonic you have to change it to Remote release. 
    Now I have to go back and re shoot the interview with this VIP with an anxious grin and take on the attitude we all make mistakes without getting too many sleepless nights  about it. :)

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