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  1. Thanks guys Yes, I imagine the card has probably had it. I have just order a decent replacement. Thankfully, I managed to retrieve my files from the card. Thanks for suggesting Olaf. I didn't even realise you could do that! I used EaseUS. It only allows you to recover 2Gb, but I managed to get most of the good stuff back. Thanks again for your help Dave
  2. Thanks Olaf It's good to be here. I thought about that, but I have been using the same SD and kit all these months without issue. Even tried on my backup mac (2 different systems (Big Sur and High Sierra). Also, I can't figure out why the files eventually stopped appearing on my XT3. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi all I am not only a newbie to this forum, but also digital photography. I purchased my X-T3 in March and have spent the last few months enjoying/learning about the camera. I've had no problems at all, until last night. I spent an evening taking a bunch of long exposure shots that looked great when previewed on the camera. However, when I connected the SD card to my Mac, It showed the card as empty! I put the card back in the camera to make sure I wasn't going crazy and there were all my shots. Tried it again on my mac, and again it showed empty. I also tried on a 2nd mac and it was the same story - I see the shots on the camera, but nothing on the computer! After several frustrating attempts to figure it out, the shots eventually disappeared when viewed on my camera also. I am absolutely gutted I've lost all my shots! Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Do you think it is a SD Card issue? I have been using this card (attached pic)without any previous problems, but I know it is an old cheapo and probably not ideal. Many thanks in advance
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