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  1. In my camera it works fine - I have ISO assigned to the back wheel and I can change it even during recording.
  2. Thanks a lot! Is there anything like official list of known firmware bugs? It'd be good to be aware of unexpected "features" that may pop out
  3. Hi All, Hope that some encountered that problem before and can help. I get my X-T4 a few weeks ago with FW 1.17 and it seemed to work correctly but just for the sake of having most up-to-date version I updated to 1.22). After the update my fav view mode ([EYE SENSOR] + [LCD IMAGE DISP.]) is corrupted. It essentially keeps the LCD on whenever eye is away from EVF. Image preview is set 1.5 sec and is displayed correctly only on LCD screen. I set the LCD do info screen but it's not really how I'd like to have it working. I was hoping that 1.23 will fix it but unfortunately no change after yesterday's release. Thank you in advance! R.
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