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    Just a quick update. I made quite a rookie mistake. So I want to check the connections settings in the camera and managed to get a couple of things working so the screen isn't black anymore I had it on USB card reader and moved it to tether connection, this managed to solve the initial issue of having the black screen, however some of the settings still have issues so I'm probably going to research a little bit more in post here to kind of answer my own question but a managed to at least get the screen working and the camera 😅
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    I love viltrox lenses 
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    Hello everybody my name is Omar I recently got a Fujifilm X-S10 with a 16-80mm kit lens and a Viltrox 23mm lens. I'm really getting to know my camera more intimately little it's taking a little bit of time but I've only had it for 2 weeks. Initially started taking some pictures to kind of understand focal lengths, and how they differ from full frame to APC-S sensors, I did a lot of research into the camera lineup set, and search the as many of their lenses as I could and ultimately decided that I needed a fast prime lens to compliments my zoom lens, so I decided that the 23 mm is the best choice in the type of photography I want to get, which is groups of friends having fun together and enjoying their lives. It is not ultra wide but it is wide enough to get some my photography and a videography into my routine.
    My journey into finding the perfect camera was a long and treacherous one I thought about a lot of cameras and really the difference between full frame and APS-C sensors. For a long time I've been eyeing the Sony a7s2 as it's night capabilities seems to be out of this world, but for something that is essentially a hobby it seems like a lot of money to throw into something that I might not fully commit to so I wanted something that was more reasonably priced but I had all the new features that a camera of this day and age should have. I didn't want something that was not very user friendly and was a few years old because I assumed that it might not be the best option, giving the fact that I'm just a amateur photographer and didn't have any real experience with composition, videography, editing or producing.
    I wanted something that could get my feet wet and work for both videography and photography, something that I could blog with and that has the capabilities found in professional cameras, without completely breaking the bank. I understand that the most important part is the lens and that the camera is only an extension of that, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted something amazing something to grow with. Of the many cameras that I've researched I've narrowed it down to Sony Canon and Fujifilm.
    THE one thing that really attracted me to the Fujifilm camera was the fact that I was looking for a camera that was unique, and somehow the look really got me curious into the system. No I'm not a nostalgic guy I've never owned a film lens or a old lens but I found it to be the retro look that seem like something that is novelty, something of a characteristic of the brand as they love to keep to their roots. It's it's this and the high praise of YouTubers that gave me a really high work to the camera and the brand. The history behind the film simulations was something which greatly picked my curiosity into the brand. I thought about a Sony and a Canon as a initial buy and a full frame cameras as well, however I wanted something that was a user friendly and compact with good auto settings. I got really familiar with the manual mode that is found in my phone. It was quite robust and it had a few modes of recording that was unique to the LG brand. I wanted something that gave me more control something of a real camera for a very long time, yeah I didn't want something that would tie me down just to manual mode I wanted something that had a good auto mode and that it was playful.
    My goal is to make beautiful impactful images something that captures the moment in rich detail with good composition. I really love night photography of those with long exposures as well as street photography. Ultimately I do see the benefits of a full frame for night photography but more than just a sensor, I wanted something that I can grow with and really experience the joy of just shooting. It was quite difficult to choose the X-S10 over the XT4 or XT3. This camara didn't have the retro look that it first attracted me to the brand, it is not weather sealed, the battery life it's not something to write home about, but somehow the charm was still there. It met every criteria I was looking for and even some that I was not like the ergonomics, the fun shooting modes and the feature specs like flip out screen that really drove home the idea that I can get what is essentially their flagship model on a smaller size with practically most of the features of the XT4.
     No I am still learning and would really love your input and getting to know my cameras hidden tips and tricks, but that would be on a separate thread thank you for listening
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