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    ianpiper got a reaction from dgeorge959 in Looking to jump into the Fuji system   
    An excellent combination. I owned several X-T2 cameras and the 10-24 is a good match for this body size. Also, although this range has evolved to the X-T4, the improvements are not huge over the X-T2. So this seems like a good choice for an introduction to Fujifilm. Best of luck!
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    ianpiper got a reaction from peripheral visionary in If you only had 3-4 fuji lenses what would they be?   
    Congratulations on your choice - you'll love it, I'm sure. For a long time I used just 3 Fuji lenses; the 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4 and 55-200mm zoom. Although I have since invested in many of the other lenses in the family, these are probably still my basic favourite 3. I do mostly landscape and building photography.
    BTW you might wonder why the 18mm rather than the 14mm, 16mm or 10-24. It's because the 18mm is a perfect balance of size and quality. The other wide-angle lenses are much bigger and heavier.
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    ianpiper got a reaction from chart in Fuji Porn - What's in your bag?   
    I usually carry a Billingham Hadley Pro bag, with:
    X-T1 X100 35mm f1.4 18mm f2 55-200mm Samyang 8mm fisheye Set of Lee seven-five filters Spare batteries for both cameras Spare SD cards Cleaning kit Macro extension ring Clip-on flash Emergency rain cover Depending on what I'm doing that day, I might also have an iPad mini in the back compartment and an 11in MacBook Air inside behind the padded sections.
    I suspect that the Hadley Pro might possibly exist in more than 3 dimensions, as it is a bit of a Tardis.
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    ianpiper got a reaction from Martin G in Monday deals on lenses from Wex (UK)   
    Just an alert about a deal with WEX Photographic running just today, 30 November, offering 10% off Fuji X lenses. This is in addition to the Fujifilm Winter £75 cashback deal. I got the offer by email so I don't have a link, but you just order the lens and apply this code at checkout: FUJI-CM.
    I have no connection with WEX apart from as a customer. 
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    ianpiper got a reaction from JPHL in Move from 56mm 1.2 to 60mm 2.4   
    I've owned the 60mm macro lens and I am with Zack Arias (http://dedpxl.com/fuji-x-buyers-guide-part-2-lenses/) on this - I hate this lens. It really isn't that sharp in my experience, it seems bulkier than it needs to be for what it does, and its auto-focus behaviour is lamentable. I think the 18-55 zoom lens is a much better performer at the high end, and that's what I use now (I can't afford the 56mm 1.2, and anyway I'm hesitant about it because of its size, as you say) at the moderate telephoto end.
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    ianpiper got a reaction from Curiojo in Fuji 18mm F2 thoughts?   
    It's an excellent lens. I find it a very usable focal length for landscape work, I think it is very sharp, and it really is a nice size on the X-T1.
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