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  1. Hi all I own a X-T3 and am quite happy with it. Recently i wanted to try "black-background" photography with my pregnant wife. The setup was a remotely triggered (manual) speedlight into a white umbrella at the side of the model and some low-key light from a LED-panel (non photography-specific) from the front. Lens was 35mm, ISO around 200, f between 2.8 and 4 and shutter something like 1/64 The camera was able to focus with no issues and we've got some great results - as we think BUT: Almost all the shots were made "blind". Even as i switched on the focus-light, as soon as focus was aquired the viewfinder went black... Sometimes it increased ISO in the VF, but then again it went black. With my old mirror-camera this would have been easy, the subject would be visible all the time. Do you know if there is a setting to increase ISO for pre-shot / VF-condition? If i'd do this again - say with this little guy coming to us soon - i'd like to see something and not just guess and fire Chris
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