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  1. I can get HSS with my following equipment, Fujifilm X-T1, Godox X1T-F remote , Manual HSS flash Godox TT600(no TLL). That is what I have and experience on. I don't advertise for any brands. You can try with the equipment you already owned. The setting is the following: Manual setting is 1/800 sec., f/5.6 on the camera. With the X1T-F power on and set to Group A,m, 1/32, I am able to set in 'FP' sync (shows up only with the X1T-F turn on and on the camera) in 'Flash Function Setting'. Then set the TT600 flash to Radio slave and HSS mode(check on youtube channel for TT600 for setting if you use this equipment). The HSS may not work if the TT600 put on the camera hot shoe(need test or read manual booklet). General speaking. you set the flash and the camera in HSS mode to get the HSS feather. How to set is equipment dependent. From Tim's experience.
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