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  1. I'm utterly fed up with the app issues. I sold a whole load of Sony gear to switch to FujiFilm and I love the cameras, lenses and - most importantly - images that I make. But the app is awful. Truly awful. Crashes, hangs, wastes my time and causes me to reboot my phone daily. The Sony app is fine. The Canon app (I also have a Canon camera) is great. FujiFilm need to sort this out, rewrite it from scratch, and make it reliable. It's 2021 not 2015. This sort of app unreliability simply should not be a problem. Rant over!!!
  2. I've used the info in the manual to create a remote shutter cable and it works perfectly apart from one flaw. Unlike every other camera I've used with a remote cable, triggering the cable *does not* wake the camera up if it has gone into power saving (sleep) mode. The shutter releases if the camera is fully on - but once it has gone into sleep mode, the cable no longer causes the shutter to fire. This is a real shame as I often use remote triggers in situations where the camera will have powered down. Anyone else had the same experience?
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