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  1. Hello, I am a fuji XT4 camera owner. already subscribed to the fuji love news letter. i have an issue with my SD card and photo editing. please guide me where can I get the reply for the following query? I have shot photos on XT4. Once the SD card was full with RAW photos, I transferred the photos to SSD external drive without editing in the camera. Then i formatted the SD card and inserted back in the Camera. for further shooting. later I read and came to know about the fuji simulations and in-camera editing etc. Then i removed the SD card and imported photos into SD card from the external SSD, in view of editing them in the Camera. but to my surprise, i could not see any photos ,when I pressed Playback button. the message showing "NO IMAGE in the Cards" coming. what does this mean? How can I visualize the photos again in the camera LCD screen through the SD card( which has photos transferred from SDD). please suggest how can i edit those photos already in the SD card? thanks, Murthy
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