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  1. Hi, I am new to these forums, Fuji X system and photography in general. I came across something when experimenting with my XT-3 that I wanted to check with the more experienced members in case I am just missing something. When I am in the manual focus mode, with the aperture set to f/8 for example and am rotating the focus ring, while looking through the EVF or at the LCD display at the back, I can see one depth of field. However it is not until I half press the shutter button that the true depth of field shows up (for an aperture set at f/8 and not at the widest aperture setting). Considering that pretty much all other settings (exposure/ white balance/ film simulations) are reflected on the LCD/EVF in live mode I would have thought that there would be a similar option for a depth of field (i.e showing the actual DOF at a set aperture without having to press any buttons) but I couldn't find anything in the manual other than an option to assign the depth of field preview to another button?
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