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  1. I just bought an XT4 to upgrade from my XT3 for the ibis and screen. I usualy shot video with my XT3 , focus mode - multi , face-eye off (sometimes on) , speed -1 , sens +3 , and it works flawlessly . On my xt3 always works, even in dark conditions , Camera choses to focus on the closest object or the object that fills most of the scene. And also works well with face-eye. In my opinion face-eye should be used with "MULTI" , not area , because as soon the face is lost it will try to focus on "area box" and not the closest subject. Here's a very very bad video i made just to show this behaviour. Both camera have latest firmware and also the lenses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOuvjmmJNRk&t=158s It seems like the XT4 phase detection is disabled , and only contrast autofocus works. Camera is not focusing well. OR my xt4 is faulty ? I think there are very low chances of that.
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