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  1. Thanks! I will have to look at the primes a little closer. I know primes are generally sharper, but with how good lenses have gotten these days it's hard to differentiate. That's also great to hear about the XT-2!
  2. Yeah, I've seen some of his work. He does a good job and has good information. Any one else you would suggest watching?
  3. Totally understand. I was asking because I tend lean towards primes as I'm mainly a film shooter and the older primes are just fantastic. While with digital and especially wide angle I was able to find some less expensive zooms that covered my needs and allowed me to travel light.
  4. That is great to hear @dward! How do you like the primes? Are they worth looking into over the 10-24?
  5. Thank you for the breakdown @Herco! Auto focus isn't a huge concern for me, but it is nice to have a quick system. I know image quality comes from pairing the body with a good lens so I have been looking at the 10-24 f/4 as well. I'm leaning towards pairing a X-T2 and the 10-24 together to create a good first Fuji kit.
  6. I'm looking into jumping into the Fuji system and have been looking at either an X-T2 or the X-H1 as my first camera. I shoot mainly landscapes and scenes without a lot of motion. I've heard the X-H1 had some issues, but I'm not fully informed about them. My current set up is a Canon 5D Mark 1 with a 20-35mm lens. Any insight and help is much appreciated!
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