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  1. With the silver TTArtisan 35/1.4. Champagne and silver don't clash too awfully badly.. Now that I know how it looks.. time to find out what it can do!
  2. I've picked up a basic PK-fX for a few primes (the little M135/3.5 in particular) and an old Rikenon XR 70-150 f/4. It's a fine old lens with internal zoom though colors are underplayed.
  3. I'm entering the water here gently, having test-driven an xA5 and 15-45pz. My main test day was very sunny, so the screen was a reflective washout; I'm returning the xA5, and an xT100 will arrive tomorrow. Neither Xtrans nor 'retro' are big on my list - but many of the other standard features are ones that I use frequently (tipping touchscreen, usb charge, still imaging foremost). I migrated from Pentax (1980-2000 and 2017-20) with digital lately being µ43. I've a PK-fX adapter for some of the older lenses I still own, and the native 15-45 plus a TTArtisan 35/1.4 that I really liked on my micro bodies. That's all for now - looking forward to a damp but entertaining weekend trying out the xT100! 😏
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