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  1. i havent seen any such claims, WIll check out fringer adapter. thanks
  2. hello everyone. I too moved from canon system to fuji. Bought the x-s10 recently. I am currently using the vitrox EF-FX2 adapter to adapt my canon lenses. I used to adapt M42 lenses to canon EF mount using dumb adapter. So right now, I am using my M42 lenses on x-s10 using M42 to EF adapter, which is then mounted on the viltrox EF to FXII mount. Vintage lenses used so far: 1. takumar 55 f1.8 2. takumar 50mm f1.4 3. helios 44-2 58mm
  3. Hi everyone. I just moved to fuji from canon system. I am currently using canon lenses with my x-s10 using viltrox EF-FX2 adapter. I am facing one issue, while using canon lens 50mm f1.8 with the adapter, and shooting video, the video output was extremely shaky, as if there is no ibis. In the setting, I had the ibis on, as well as IS boost on. Does the ibis work well with adapter? Or am i missing some setting? I would love to use my old M42 lenses with this camera, but now i am in doubt
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