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  1. It seems like its a loose aperture ring. If i squeeze it or put enough pressure on the ring it sticks to 1.7 if not it goes back to 2.5 even tho the ring is on 1.7 settings
  2. Help needed. I am not sure why this is happening but I cant seem to set the aperture to 1.7 from the dial on the lens. It would always display as 2.5 on the camera. It works when i have it set to 2.8 or 2 but whenever i set it to 1.7 it just display as 2.5. I am using it with a GFX 50R. I tried it in all modes. M and A. I really dont know how these electronic lenses work. I am new to Fujifilm coming from all manual rangefinders and this is really frustrating me. Thanks in advanced.
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