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  1. Just saying hi from Barcelona to all fellow fuji users. Just recently made the jump from Canon to Fuji, looking forward to learn and share from all members. Bcndude
  2. Recently I had a three hour studio strobe photo shoot, this was the first time I was using the XT3 for the whole shoot, everything went fine but about 2.5 hours into the shoot the camera just shutdown suddenly, I did notice it was a little hot, but not so hot to shut down, of course I almost panicked to death, I even had the (hopefully false) impression that something was burning. I turned it off, changed batteries although the one in camera (fuji original) was still half way full and waited a few minutes, camera worked fine for 2 minutes, shutdown again, waited, turned on, worked ok so at this point every time the model changed I turned the camera off. This shouldnt happen... logic says this was overheating, but for a photo shoot? this camera is brand new. Any advice or suggestions? This almost ruined the day, never ever happened before to me with other brands. Thanks!
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